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    Ship-breaking still a death trap

    | Updated at 11:10pm on November 28, 2016

    SHIPBREAKING yard accidents in Chittagong claimed 161 lives and left 200 others critically injured in nine years, indicating that the yards owners are still indifferent...

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    Castro to remain a symbol of revolutionary defiance

    | Updated at 11:05pm on November 28, 2016

    FIDEL Castro, the iconic Cuban revolutionary who had worked his whole life for the emancipation of the people of Cuba, and beyond, died aged 90...

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    No more apathy to violence against women

    | Updated at 09:35pm on November 27, 2016

    THAT 767 cases of violence against women were reported in nine months, as New Age reported on Saturday, is, indeed, alarming...

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    Extrajudicial executions undermine rule of law

    | Updated at 09:25pm on November 27, 2016

    EXTRAJUDICIAL executions — by government authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceedings or legal process — remain an issue of grave concern in that...

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    Unfortunate gender bias in credit access

    | Updated at 11:25pm on November 25, 2016

    DENIAL of women’s access to credit, that too disproportionately, by the banks and non-bank financial institutions unfortunately continues. Women-owned small and medium enterprises sought approximately...

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    Well-meaning MLE plan warrants meaningful yields

    | Updated at 11:19pm on November 25, 2016

    GOVERNMENT efforts to set out education, for a year before primary schooling, for children from ethnic minority communities, five of them for now, in their...

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    DWASA should re-tender water supply project

    | Updated at 11:57pm on November 24, 2016

    THE way the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority selected the contractor, Danish joint venture Degremont-OTV, for its project meant to supply 500 million litres...

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    The culture of impunity must end

    | Updated at 11:50pm on November 25, 2016

    IT IS unfortunate that even four years after the deadly fire at Tazreen Fashions Limited that killed at least 119 workers and left 176 more...

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    Police must cast off partisan cloak

    | Updated at 12:29am on November 24, 2016

    THE High Court directive for the superintendent of Jhenaidah police to arrest and detain a leader of the Juba League, the youth wing of the...

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    Govt should stand by jobless Bangladeshi migrant workers

    | Updated at 12:26am on November 24, 2016

    THAT more than 1,800 jobless Bangladeshi workers are facing sufferings in Saudi Arabia is a matter of concern. They have had to work there for...