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    No more modification and overloading of vehicles

    | Updated at 10:20pm on January 06, 2017

    ILLEGALLY modified and overloaded vehicles running on the road, which not only pushes up the possibility of traffic accidents but also forces the government to...

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    Early steps needed to tackle cold-related illness

    | Updated at 10:00pm on January 06, 2017

    HOSPITALS have for a few weeks been facing a heavy rush of patients, especially children and the elderly, with complaints of acute respiratory infections, pneumonia,...

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    Indulging a ministry in its govt vehicle misuse

    | Updated at 10:05pm on January 05, 2017

    THE finance ministry agreeing to the road transport and bridges ministry’s apparently unnecessary proposal for new car purchase has raised questions...

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    Dhaka market fire needs to be properly investigated

    | Updated at 09:45pm on January 05, 2017

    THE fire that broke out in the city corporation market at Gulshan 1 in Dhaka on Tuesday — in which the four-storey part of the...

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    A step forward towards easing SME loans

    | Updated at 09:40pm on January 04, 2017

    THE Bangladesh Bank’s move to ask scheduled banks to cut the imposition of charges and fees on services from the current 12 types down to...

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    A welcome move on migrant worker database

    | Updated at 09:40pm on January 04, 2017

    A FRESH government move to make it mandatory for recruiting agencies to send workers listed on the government database for overseas jobs is welcome...

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    Indicative of poor workplace safety

    | Updated at 09:25pm on January 03, 2017

    THE death of 1,240 workers from workplace injuries in 2016 indicates that workplace safety is still largely elusive. Moreover, as New Age reported on Saturday,...

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    Traffic accidents call out govt on stepping up the plate

    | Updated at 05:20pm on January 03, 2017

    TRAFFIC accidents have been the most frequent, with high fatality rate in Bangladesh. As New Age reported on Monday, at least 4,144 people died in...

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    Alarming new dimension of extrajudicial murder

    | Updated at 10:15pm on January 02, 2017

    EXTRAJUDICIAL killings by law enforcement agencies had an alarming rise in 2016. At least 195 people were killed in ‘crossfire’, ‘gunfight’, and ‘exchange of bullets’...

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    Travail of tannery relocation with no results as yet

    | Updated at 09:55pm on January 02, 2017

    GOVERNMENT efforts — taking place since 2003 when the BSCIC, on a High Court order in 2001, took up a two-year project involving Tk 1.76...