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    IS claims attack on Pakistani police college

    Reuters | Updated at 02:02pm on October 25, 2016

    Militant group Islamic State on Tuesday claimed responsibility for an attack on a police academy in the Pakistani city of Quetta, in which...

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    Duterte tells US to forget about defence deal 'if I stay longer'

    Reuters | Updated at 10:55am on October 25, 2016

    Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte hit out at the United States on Tuesday, saying he did not start a fight with Washington and it could forget...

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    Blast kills 14 in northwestern China

    Reuters | Updated at 09:50am on October 25, 2016

    A powerful blast at a prefabricated house in northwestern China on Monday killed at least 14 people and injured 147, state news agency Xinhua said...

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    Myanmar army drives Rohingyas out of home

    Reuters . Yangon | Updated at 12:43am on October 25, 2016

    Hundreds of Myanmar’s Rohingya villagers are facing a second night hiding in rice fields without shelter, after the army on Sunday forcibly removed them from...

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    One killed in blasts in Japan Park

    Reuters | Updated at 01:06pm on October 23, 2016

    Several explosions went off in on Sunday in two locations near a park in the Japanese city of Utsunomiya, killing one person and injuring three,...

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    First woman Everest climber dies

    Associated Press | Updated at 08:44pm on October 22, 2016

    Japanese media reports say the first woman to climb Mount Everest has died...

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    Singapore says foreigners need permit for public assemblies

    Reuters | Updated at 07:08pm on October 21, 2016

    Singapore posted new public speaking rules on Friday, clarifying that foreign companies and individuals need a permit to sponsor or take part in certain events,...

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    Another North Korea missile ‘fails’ after launch

    Reuters | Updated at 12:45pm on October 20, 2016

    North Korea test-fired a missile that failed immediately after launch early on Thursday, the US and South Korean militaries said, hours after the...

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    Police van drives at anti-US protesters in Manila

    Reuters | Updated at 03:42pm on October 19, 2016

    Philippine police used tear gas to disperse about 1,000 anti-US protesters outside the US embassy in Manila on Wednesday, as television news footage showed...

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    80 children sickened by food poisoning in Cambodia

    Associated Press | Updated at 03:17pm on October 19, 2016

    Officials say more than 80 schoolchildren in Cambodia have fallen ill after eating contaminated food distributed by a local volunteer group...