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    North, South Korea agree to resolve issues through dialogue

    Reuters | Updated at 07:20pm on January 09, 2018

    North and South Korea on Tuesday agreed on negotiations to resolve problems and military talks aimed at averting accidental conflict, after their first official dialogue...

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    North, South Korea begin talks as Winter Olympics help break ice

    Reuters | Updated at 11:14am on January 09, 2018

    North and South Korea kicked off their first formal talks in more than two years on Tuesday, with both sides expressing optimism ahead of discussions...

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    Explosion risk for oil tanker ablaze off China

    Agence France-Presse . Beijing | Updated at 12:59am on January 09, 2018

    An Iranian oil tanker ablaze off the Chinese coast is at risk of exploding or sinking, authorities said Monday, as they reported there was no...

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    Rescue crews struggle to tame China oil tanker fire

    Reuters | Updated at 01:54pm on January 08, 2018

    Rescue crews scrambled to bring a blaze on an Iranian oil tanker off China’s east coast under control on Monday as fire raged for a...

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    11 Saudi princes detained

    Reuters . Riyadh | Updated at 12:34am on January 07, 2018

    Saudi authorities have detained 11 princes after they gathered at a royal palace in Riyadh in a rare protest against austerity measures that included suspending...

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    US suspends security assistance to Pakistan

    Agence France-Presse . Washington | Updated at 12:55am on January 06, 2018

    The United States added bite to its increasingly public spat with Pakistan over militant safe havens Thursday, suspending hundreds of millions of dollars in security...

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    13 dead in Indonesia’s second fatal boat accident in a week

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 02:58pm on January 05, 2018

    At least 13 people died after a passenger boat capsized off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, two days after another ferry accident in...

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    North Korea accepts talks offer from South over Olympic

    Reuters | Updated at 09:45am on January 05, 2018

    North and South Korea will hold official talks next week for the first time in more than two years after Pyongyang accepted Seoul’s offer for...

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    Scientists to map quake prone Asian region

    Reuters . Kuala Lumpur | Updated at 01:20am on January 05, 2018

    An international team of scientists is set to begin a four-year project this month that will map, image and monitor an earthquake-prone area that encompasses...

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    India limits visitors to preserve inconic Taj Mahal

    Agence France-Presse . Agra | Updated at 12:19am on January 04, 2018

    India is to restrict the number of daily visitors to the Taj Mahal in an attempt to preserve the iconic 17th-century monument to love, its...