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    Addressing the electromagnetic hazard – radiation

    by Shishir Reza | Updated at 02:07am on April 29, 2017

    MOBILE phone usage has spread rapidly around the world demanding better coverage and a large number of mobile base towers. People use mobile phones for the purpose of communication at home, work place or anywhere but few are concerned about their health implications and environment safety measures...

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    Conflict resolution or conflict management?

    by Oscar Jarzmik | Updated at 02:06am on April 29, 2017

    AFTER receiving a fair amount of media coverage in Canada last year, the Heart to Heart summer camp program is organising for 2017...

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    Terrorising the vulnerable

    by Chris Hedges | Updated at 01:58am on April 29, 2017

    EDISON, 50, an undocumented man from Uruguay, wraps his knuckles against the basement wall of the row house as if it is a front door...

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    Argentina’s war on crime could backfire

    by Robert Muggah and Juan Carlos Garzón-vergara | Updated at 01:55am on April 29, 2017

    HARD-LINE approaches to combating criminal violence are hardly new to Argentina. But they do mark a change from the previous decade...

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    Chief justice appears to have been forced to speak

    | Updated at 01:05am on April 28, 2017

    THE statement of the law minister, Anisul Huq, that but for judicial proceedings, no chief justice across the world talks so much in public as chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha does somehow explains why he so does if the chief justice’s ‘speaking so much in public’ is viewed in context....

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    Games, sports must be resuscitated in schools

    | Updated at 01:05am on April 28, 2017

    Most schools not holding sports activities for their students and even not holding annual sporting meets, in gross violation of the national education and sports policies, as they lack playgrounds is unacceptable...

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    Let Romel be the last

    by Muktasree Chakma Sathi | Updated at 01:05am on April 28, 2017

    Romel Chakma, a 20-year-old visually impaired ethnic minority young man, is dead. He hailed from Rangamati, the same district in which I was born and grew up. He was from Naniarchar...

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    Omnipresent pressure to conform

    by Graham Peebles | Updated at 01:05am on April 28, 2017

    IT WAS the school holidays and there were lots of teenagers in my local park. I sometimes spot them meandering home, but I rarely see them en masse as it were...