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    Why Trump won, why Clinton lost

    | Updated at 10:30pm on November 10, 2016

    Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat reflected a gross misjudgement by the Democratic Party about the depth of populist anger against self-serving elites who have treated much of the country with disdain, writes Robert Parry...

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    The working class won the election

    by Paul Craig Roberts | Updated at 10:27pm on November 10, 2016

    THE US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump...

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    Pakistan: change of army guard

    | Updated at 10:25pm on November 10, 2016

    General Raheel Sharif will be leaving behind a powerful legacy of a professional soldier, but there is some criticism of an overly personal projection which has been perceived as clouding his professional image, writes Zahid Hussain..

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    Russian peaceful atomic energy conquers the Middle East

    by Dmitry Bokarev | Updated at 10:23pm on November 10, 2016

    THE construction of the first Iranian nuclear power plant close to the city of Bushehr was launched by the German Kraftwerk Union in 1974 during the reign of the last Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi...

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    A view of Syrian war from Golan Heights

    by Robert Fisk | Updated at 10:20pm on November 10, 2016

    FROM Colonel Saleh’s forward position on his front line north of Quneitra, he has a unique and exclusive view of the Syrian war. To his west and south is a vast area of his country which is occupied by Jabhat al-Nusra Islamist fighters—their earthen ramparts and supply roads are scarcely half a mile away...

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    Working with EK

    by Abu Jar M Akkas | Updated at 01:34am on November 10, 2016

    WE HAVE, in New Age office, a staircase winding down to the ground floor from the first. In the afternoon on November 10, 2005, the present New Age editor, Nurul Kabir, executive editor then, was climbing down, to address a condolence meeting in the news room on the New Age editor, Enayetullah Khan, or Mintu bhai to his colleagues..

  • Enayetullah Khan’s appointment with history

    by Afsan Chowdhury | Updated at 01:31am on November 10, 2016

    PEOPLE judge events and events enable people. Somewhere in between lies a space where the both converge and it’s here that the individual and the collective merge to produce history. Where we find ourselves is not just the individual but the events and circumstances which determine the trajectory of what we call history...

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    Why we published what we have on the US elections

    by Julian Assange | Updated at 01:29am on November 10, 2016

    IN RECENT months, WikiLeaks and I personally have come under enormous pressure to stop publishing what the Clinton campaign says about itself to itself. That pressure has come from the campaign’s allies, including the Obama administration, and from liberals who are anxious about who will be elected US president...

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    President Donald Trump and the great repudiation

    | Updated at 01:26am on November 10, 2016

    How the most patently unqualified, the most offensive, personally odious presidential candidate in American history has just been elected president, writes Robert Freeman..

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    The risk of underage driving of public transports

    | Updated at 01:25am on November 10, 2016

    THE photograph of a minor boy, assisted by a man sitting beside him, driving a customised utility vehicle, used in ferrying passengers, in Dhaka tells the telling tale of road safety issues...