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    ‘Women’s’ marches and neo-liberal outrage politics

    by Julian Vigo | Updated at 09:40pm on February 04, 2017

    ON September 21, 2013, several thousand people gathered in Peshawar to protest the American drone strikes within Pakistan that embarked days after Barak Obama took office...

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    Year of profound changes in Japan and in entire region

    by Vladimir Terehov | Updated at 09:40pm on February 04, 2017

    SUCH phrases as ‘the current year brings the world a set of new and tough-to-predict challenges’ can often be found in articles attempting to predict the upcoming year of our ongoing history...

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    ‘Outside world’ according to the western ‘progressive liberals’

    by Andre Vltchek | Updated at 09:30pm on February 04, 2017

    Most likely you have already heard that tune, ten times, or maybe one hundred, depending where you live and the circle of friends you have...

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    Tannery relocation must not run into problems

    | Updated at 12:26am on February 03, 2017

    THE relocation of tanneries from the capital city to the Savar Leather Industrial Park on the city outskirts has yet again run into a problem as the government barred the passage of rawhide to Hazaribagh on Tuesday while the tanners on Wednesday said that they had yet to install rawhide processing facilities at the Savar park..

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    Welcome incentives for aus growers

    | Updated at 12:25am on February 03, 2017

    THE government decision to allocate Tk 32.90 crore to encourage small and marginal farmers to cultivate high yielding variety of aus crop in the summer season to begin from March 16 is welcome...

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    What is Trump signalling about China?

    by Kim Petersen | Updated at 12:20am on February 03, 2017

    DURING the 2016 US election period, Russia was accorded intense attention. Hillary Clinton took a belligerent stance vis-à-vis Russia, while Donald Trump took a more diplomatic stance...

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    Kashmir choked by ‘new maharajas’

    by Mohammad Ashraf | Updated at 12:15am on February 03, 2017

    KASHMIR valley has been politically ‘choked’ right from 1947. The expression of true aspirations is an ‘anti-national’ act in Kashmir. Now added to this political choking has come the physical choking! During last couple of weeks, the Kashmir Valley has received very heavy snowfall intermittently after a long time...

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    Haiti’s ‘linguistic apartheid’ violates children’s rights, hampers development

    | Updated at 12:10am on February 03, 2017

    Haiti’s educational system routinely discriminates against those who don’t speak French – which is the vast majority of the population, writes Michel DeGraff TEACHING in local languages is important for children’s rights, anti-discrimination, quality education and equal opportunity for all. Yet Haiti stands out as one of the rare nations in which there is one single language spoken by all citizens, while the school system, by and large, does not use that language as the main language of instruction and examination...

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    Liberalism as class warfare

    by Rob Urie | Updated at 12:05am on February 03, 2017

    WITH apologies in advance for forcing unpleasant thoughts this early in an essay; reflexively, what economic class do the national democrats’ ‘deplorables’ inhabit? With the persistence of institutional racism (graph below) across both Democrat and Republican administrations, why would not the answer be the rich who own the corporations that employ people and the professional class that does the hiring?..

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    Is France a secular state?

    by Jean Perier | Updated at 10:10pm on February 02, 2017

    WHILE revisiting the concept of a ‘secular state’ one can note that such a state is always defined by its attitude towards different religions...