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    Return of the warlord

    | Updated at 12:10am on February 11, 2017

    THE return of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, perhaps, the most notorious Afghan warlord, may significantly influence power dynamics in war-torn Afghanistan, initiating a new alignment of political forces and provoking old rivalries...

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    TPP is now called Trade in Services Agreement

    by Pete Dolack | Updated at 12:05am on February 11, 2017

    ONE can hear the cry ringing through the boardrooms of capital: ‘Free trade is dead! Long live free trade!’ Think the ideas behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the so-called ‘free trade’ regime are buried? Sadly, no. Definitely, no. Some of the countries involved in negotiating the TPP seeking to find ways to resurrect it in some new form — but that isn’t the most distressing news. What’s worse is the TPP remains alive in a new form with even worse rules...

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    Cyber attacks have now become a political weapon

    by Jean Périer | Updated at 10:04pm on February 10, 2017

    The scope of various cyber operations carried out by different state players has recently become the cause of increasing tension amid international relations. For instance, at the end of 2016, the United States accused Russia of hacking the servers of the US Democratic National Committee, which resulted in the introduction of sanctions against a number of Russian intelligence services that were described as offenders in this recent incident. However, Washington to date, hasn’t presented any evidence to back up its claims...

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    No more delay in signing Teesta water sharing treaty

    | Updated at 10:28pm on February 09, 2017

    IT IS disappointing that the government has put on hold negotiations on the sharing of water of six transboundary rivers — the Manu, Muhuri, Khowai, Gumti, Dharla and the Dudhkumar — as there is no possibility of signing an agreement on sharing water of the Teesta and the Feni...

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    Amici curiae could come from other professions, too

    | Updated at 10:27pm on February 09, 2017

    THE appointment of 12 senior lawyers by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court as amici curiae, or friends of the court, to assist the court by giving information and opinion that bear on a government appeal against a High Court verdict of May 5, 2016, which declared illegal and contradictory to the constitution the 16th amendment to the constitution is welcome...

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    Dear honourable environment minister!

    by Farida Akhter | Updated at 12:05am on February 10, 2017

    WHAT is the role of the ministry of environment and forestry in giving approval to a government project? I wanted to ask the very question to the minister directly in a TV show in which he featured recently. I couldn’t get through. So here I am asking the question for his kind attention...

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    India: union govt no superior to state govts

    by Garga Chatterjee | Updated at 12:05am on February 10, 2017

    THE 2017 union budget presented by Indian Union government’s finance minister Arun Jaitley has many aspects. His speech touched upon some of them. I will not discuss all of them as there is nothing transformative or game-changing there...

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    Human extinction 2026

    by Robert Hunziker | Updated at 12:10am on February 10, 2017

    HUMAN extinction by 2026, a controversial/questionable idea, is examined in some detail on the web site: arctic-news.blogspot.com. Within the posted article, a bright red box highlights the hypothesis: ‘Will humans be extinct by 2026?’ Of course, simply posing the question is tantamount to endorsing the conclusion in the affirmative...

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    A continent of hope

    by António Guterres | Updated at 10:30pm on February 09, 2017

    FAR too often, the world views Africa through the prism of problems. When I look to Africa, I see a continent of hope, promise and vast potential...

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    A preview of the Trump era crimes to come

    | Updated at 10:30pm on February 09, 2017

    IT STARTED in June 2015 with that Trump Tower escalator ride into the presidential race to the tune of Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World.’..