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    Influencing polity for Lanka constitutional reform

    by Jehan Perera | Updated at 01:05am on March 03, 2017

    CONSTITUTIONAL reform is once again on the front burner of the national agenda. The election manifestos of both president Maithripala Sirisena and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in 2015 gave high priority to it...

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    Get out of ‘my country’ syndrome

    by John Samuel | Updated at 01:00am on March 03, 2017

    TWO days ago, two young engineers from India were shot in a pub in Kansas City in the US. These two engineers, Sreenivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madaasani, both in their early thirties, went to the US to fulfil their American dreams...

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    Indians used to dream of America. No longer

    by Sandip Roy | Updated at 01:05am on March 03, 2017

    MY FRIEND says his cousin’s wedding has been called off. The wedding invitations had already been printed, but the bride got cold feet...

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    The flip sides of price increase

    by Sakib Bin Amin and Muntasir Murshed | Updated at 01:05am on March 03, 2017

    HISTORY of the natural gas sector in Bangladesh goes back as early as the 1960s when it was introduced as a supplement to the oil-based energy sector...

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    Railway container capacity must be increased

    | Updated at 01:05am on March 03, 2017

    BANGLADESH Railway’s indifference to repeated calls from business and government agencies to increase its container capacity is unacceptable...

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    Govt should punish errant ministers

    | Updated at 01:10am on March 03, 2017

    THE wildcat transport strike, the sufferings that it caused to people, the chaos that it created and the way it flared up and died down finally appear to have been a case of temporary political muscle flexing by the shipping minister, Shajahan Khan, who is executive president of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation...

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    In Pakistan, it is middle class rising

    by S Akbar Zaidi | Updated at 01:30am on March 02, 2017

    THE general perception still, and unfortunately, held by many people, foreigners and Pakistanis, is that Pakistan is largely an agricultural, rural economy, where ‘feudals’ dominate the economic, social, and particularly political space...

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    Is America heading towards fascism?

    by Habib Siddiqui | Updated at 01:30am on March 02, 2017

    RECENTLY I was shaken to learn that the son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on February 7 after returning from speaking at a Black History Month event in Montego Bay, Jamaica...

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    Iran and new multipolar world

    by James O’Neill | Updated at 01:25am on March 02, 2017

    DURING the last presidential campaign, the Republican nominee Donald Trump made a variety of statements that suggested a changing focus in US foreign policy...

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    Police atrocities against gas-price protests

    | Updated at 01:20am on March 02, 2017

    POLICE atrocities on leaders and activists of the left parties who enforced a six-hour general strike in Dhaka on Tuesday in protest at natural gas price increase are deplorable...