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    A very challenging task

    | Updated at 12:55am on January 07, 2017

    Shaheed Hossain, an expert in nuclear technology and former scientific officer of the International Atomic Energy Agency, talks about issues such as safety and security of Bangladesh’s first nuclear power plant, construction cost, human resources development and spent fuel management, which have raised public concerns, with Manjurul Ahsan in a recent interview with New Age...

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    John Berger: witness to the human condition

    | Updated at 12:45am on January 07, 2017

    He sought to protect and if necessary salvage humanity from the inhumanity of consumer capitalism. This gives all his work the quality of resistance. Defiant resistance in the face of likely defeat, writes Anthony Barnett..

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    If you thought 2016 was bad in Middle East, brace yourself for 2017

    | Updated at 10:40pm on January 06, 2017

    IT IS difficult to be optimistic about the Middle East in 2017. With the bloodshed in Aleppo, Mosul, Yemen and elsewhere in the region, the anger, hatred and sectarian divides have only grown deeper...

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    Who pays the piper

    | Updated at 10:30pm on January 06, 2017

    The surprise victory of Donald Trump resonated in markets around the world as voters in the USA endorsed his protectionist agenda...

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    Doomed, duplicitous education system in Kashmir

    by Khaki Audil | Updated at 10:30pm on January 06, 2017

    PUBLIC education system is a mechanism of delivering education to the children of the community at public expense...

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    The ongoing genocide in Myanmar

    | Updated at 10:25pm on January 06, 2017

    AT THIS moment, a genocide is happening in Myanmar of which most of the world is unaware. On October 9, 2016, three border posts were attacked in western Myanmar by an unknown armed group, killing nine policemen....

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    No more modification and overloading of vehicles

    | Updated at 10:20pm on January 06, 2017

    ILLEGALLY modified and overloaded vehicles running on the road, which not only pushes up the possibility of traffic accidents but also forces the government to spend more on road maintenance and owners on the maintenance, if any, of such vehicles points to a general indifference of the authorities concerned,....

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    Early steps needed to tackle cold-related illness

    | Updated at 10:00pm on January 06, 2017

    HOSPITALS have for a few weeks been facing a heavy rush of patients, especially children and the elderly, with complaints of acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, diarrhoea and other cold-related diseases...

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    1917-2017 : Socialism and centenary of Russian Revolution

    by David North and Joseph Kishore | Updated at 10:10pm on January 05, 2017

    ASPECTRE is haunting world capitalism: the spectre of the Russian Revolution...

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    Survival of global capitalism and communist complicity

    by Anis Chowdhury | Updated at 10:05pm on January 05, 2017

    MANY saw the 2008–2009 global financial crisis as the end of global capitalism; but it survived. Nevertheless, the champions of global capitalism are still nervous as the fault-line continues to widen...