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    The fallacy of economic growth

    | Updated at 10:03pm on October 07, 2016

    The rejection of economic growth does not mean a retreat to primitivism, but rather a different use and understanding of what we already have and will acquire in the future...

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    New deadline for risky building demolition

    | Updated at 10:01pm on October 07, 2016

    THE government yet again extended the deadline for demolishing risky buildings. The disaster management and relief secretary announced, as New Age reported on Friday, the new deadline on Thursday and the housing...

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    The judiciary should follow up on suo moto rule fate

    | Updated at 09:55pm on October 07, 2016

    THE executive branch of the state appears to have resolved to ignore court orders that the judiciary issued suo moto in the greater public interest while the judiciary, both the High Court Division and the Appellate Division...

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    Bhabadaha police attack deplorable

    | Updated at 12:43am on October 07, 2016

    THE police attack on the people demanding an early solution to the Bhabadaha water stagnation problem in Jessore on Wednesday is deplorable...

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    Yet another repressive law

    | Updated at 12:42am on October 07, 2016

    THE government continues to take legal and extralegal steps to encroach upon the public space for critiquing power, which is an essential right of citizens in any democratic dispensation, with the latest such undemocratic...

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    Valuing teachers, improving their status

    by KM Enamul Hoque | Updated at 12:55am on October 06, 2016

    THE UNESCO director general Irina Bokova, in a speech celebrating the 50th anniversary of World Teachers Day, which was celebrated every October 5 marking the adoption...

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    Afghan in wonderland

    by Peter Bach | Updated at 12:41am on October 06, 2016

    THIS week the European Union and Afghan government with up to 70 countries and 30 international agencies and organisations in attendance co-host the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan...

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    Yet another heinous crime by Chhatra League people

    | Updated at 12:30am on October 06, 2016

    MONDAY’S brutal attack on a Sylhet Government Women’s College student by a leader of the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology unit of the Chhatra League...

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    Dhaka mustn’t allow India’s fencing closer to zero line

    | Updated at 12:27am on October 06, 2016

    DHAKA agreeing to New Delhi’s request to allow India to erect new fencing ahead of the present barbed-wire fences, which means inside 150 metres and closer to the international border...

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    On Afghanistan’s territory control

    by Vladimir Terehov | Updated at 12:54am on October 05, 2016

    THE two-day visit of the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani to India and his talks with India’s prime minister Narendra Modi that took place in mid-September 2016 are a good reason to discuss...