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    Indo-Pakistan tensions escalate

    | Updated at 10:26pm on November 08, 2016

    The decades-long geo-political rivalry in South Asia has already led to three declared wars and countless war crises between India and Pakistan. Now an all-out war between India and Pakistan could become the trigger for a catastrophic global conflict that would draw in the US, China and all the nuclear-armed powers, writes Wasantha Rupasinghe..

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    In Russia with love

    | Updated at 10:20pm on November 08, 2016

    US people can learn something important from our Russian counterparts, ordinary Russians, who are at least as opposed to war as we are. They seem to understand the double standard operating in mass media and the danger it poses, writes David Smith-Ferri...

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    Steps needed to ensure safety of overseas female workers

    | Updated at 10:19pm on November 08, 2016

    SUFFERINGS of Bangladeshi female domestic workers in Saudi Arabia continue as safe homes of Bangladesh missions there have already been overcrowded by victims of torture, abuse and other problems at their employers’ houses. Although Bangladeshi labour wing..

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    Perplexing post office between president and Supreme Court

    | Updated at 10:13pm on November 08, 2016

    THE allegations that the Appellate Division levelled against the law ministry, the executive for that matter, are grave and, therefore, worth looking into, thinking over and mending any flaws that could exist — in the interest of independent functioning of the judiciary...

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    ‘Brexit’ does not mean ‘Brexit’

    by Kieran Kelly | Updated at 11:01pm on November 07, 2016

    People should have known they were being played for fools when Cameron said ‘the British people have made a very clear decision….’ In reality, under 52 per cent of Britons voted to leave the EU...

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    Where is India under Modi headed?

    | Updated at 10:55pm on November 07, 2016

    BRITAIN’s recently elected prime minister Theresa May, post-Brexit, has chosen to visit India from November 6, her first foray outside Europe after taking office...

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    Unmasking the democratic delusion

    by Irshad Soomro | Updated at 10:48pm on November 07, 2016

    RECOGNITION of women’s dignity, health, education, work, and political inclusion are some of the prerequisite actions for gender equality...

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    The ICC and Afghanistan: the game continues

    by Christopher Black | Updated at 10:44pm on November 07, 2016

    A FEW days after Burundi, South Africa and the Gambia announced their intention to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, an article appeared in the American journal...

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    Attacks on Santals border on inhumanity

    | Updated at 10:43pm on November 07, 2016

    THE attack that the police and Rangpur Sugar Mills workers carried out on the Santals, who were trying to protect their dwellings that they built on the land of Sahebganj-Bagda...

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    Time to address enforced disappearance allegations

    | Updated at 10:37pm on November 07, 2016

    THE allegation made in the statement of Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission on Sunday that more than 300 people have fallen victim to enforced disappearances...