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    Colombia's FARC rebels turned in more than 8,000 weapons: UN

    Reuters | Updated at 09:25am on August 16, 2017

    Colombia's Marxist FARC rebel group handed in more than 8,000 weapons and nearly 1.3 million pieces of ammunition as it demobilised after a peace deal with the government, the United Nations said...

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    India, China troops in high-altitude clash: officials

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 01:48pm on August 16, 2017

    Indian and Chinese troops clashed briefly on a disputed area of land in the Himalayas, officials said Wednesday, exacerbating tensions during...

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    Philippine police kill 32 in ‘shock and awe’ drug raids

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 02:30pm on August 16, 2017

    Philippine police killed 32 people in ‘shock and awe’ raids aimed at scaring drug traffickers, authorities said Wednesday, after president Rodrigo Duterte admitted to...

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    Indian woman ‘boycotted’ over support to Dalit farmer

    BBC | Updated at 02:51pm on August 16, 2017

    An Indian woman in the southern state of Telangana says she is being ‘socially ostracised’ because she supported a farmer from the...

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    Nearly 400 bodies recovered from Sierra Leone mudslide

    Reuters | Updated at 09:05am on August 16, 2017

    Rescue workers have recovered nearly 400 bodies from a mudslide in the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown, the chief coroner said on Tuesday, as morgues struggled to find space for all the dead...

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    Arab boycott adds to woes of Qatar migrant workers

    Reuters . Doha | Updated at 12:48am on August 16, 2017

    An Arab embargo on Qatar is inflicting pain on foreign migrant workers struggling amid an oil slump and disruption of deliveries for large construction projects linked to the 2022 soccer World Cup...

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    Protesters denounce Trump’s first presidential NY home visit

    Agence France-Presse . New York | Updated at 12:37am on August 16, 2017

    Several hundred angry protesters demonstrated outside Trump Tower in New York on Monday, denouncing US president Donald Trump before his first visit to his Manhattan residence since taking office more than six months ago...

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    N Korea's Kim holds off on Guam missile plan

    Reuters | Updated at 09:55am on August 15, 2017

    North Korea's leader has delayed a decision on firing missiles towards Guam while he watches US actions a little longer, the North's state media said...