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    Netanyahu says Paris peace conference ‘rigged’ against Israel

    Reuters | Updated at 05:51pm on January 12, 2017

    Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said talks to discuss the Middle East peace process in Paris on Sunday would be ‘rigged’ against Israel...

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    Chinese school sets up ‘marks bank’ to reduce stress

    BBC | Updated at 12:56pm on January 12, 2017

    A Chinese high school has come up with an innovative way to help struggling students - a ‘marks bank’. The Nanjing Number One Secondary School has...

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    Former UN chief Ban ‘perplexed and embarrassed’ over relatives' bribery case

    Reuters | Updated at 09:50am on January 12, 2017

    Former United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon, who is expected to run for president of South Korea, said he was ‘perplexed and embarrassed’ over bribery accusations brought by US prosecutors this week against his brother and nephew...

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    Turkish legislators scuffle in debate over Erdogan's powers

    Associated Press | Updated at 09:05am on January 12, 2017

    Scuffles have erupted between ruling and opposition legislators in Turkey's parliament during deliberations over a controversial package of constitutional amendments that would greatly expand president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's powers...

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    Samsung boss questioned in South Korea corruption probe

    BBC | Updated at 09:32am on January 12, 2017

    Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong is being questioned at the prosecutor's office in Seoul as a suspect in South Korea's biggest political corruption scandal...

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    Trump condemns spy agency 'leak' of 'fake news'

    BBC | Updated at 08:25am on January 12, 2017

    President-elect Donald Trump has accused US intelligence agencies of leaking allegations that Russia has compromising material on him...

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    Yemen war claims lives of 1,400 children: UN

    Agence France-Presse . Sanaa | Updated at 01:12am on January 12, 2017

    Nearly 1,400 children have been killed, hundreds more injured and many schools closed by the war in Yemen, the UN children’s fund said on Wednesday...

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    Europe’s deep freeze claims new victims

    Agence France-Presse . Warsaw | Updated at 12:54am on January 12, 2017

    Sub-freezing temperatures across swathes of Europe have claimed over 60 victims in recent days – notably in Poland, Romania and the Balkans – with migrants and the homeless among the most vulnerable, officials said on Tuesday...

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    Thousands flee fighting on Myanmar’s border with China

    Agence France-Presse . Yangon | Updated at 12:49am on January 12, 2017

    Thousands of people fled heavy fighting on Myanmar’s northern border with China overnight, activists said Wednesday, as the government blocked a senior UN official from visiting the area...

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    Malaysia to hold OIC meeting on Rohingya crisis

    Agence France-Presse . Kuala Lumpur | Updated at 12:48am on January 12, 2017

    Foreign ministers from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation will meet to discuss the Rohingya Muslim crisis next week in Kuala Lumpur, a Malaysian official said Wednesday, as thousands continue to flee Myanmar...