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    Catalonia independence ‘in matter of days’

    BBC | Updated at 09:35am on October 04, 2017

    Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC...

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    Prince Charles omits Myanmar from upcoming Asia tour

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 12:05am on October 05, 2017

    Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will visit Singapore, Malaysia and India this autumn, but not Myanmar, where violence has forced nearly 600,000 Muslim Rohingya to flee in the past year, royal officials announced on Wednesday...

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    Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend arrives in Los Angeles from Philippines

    Reuters | Updated at 08:35am on October 04, 2017

    The girlfriend of a retiree who killed 58 people and then himself in a shooting rampage in Las Vegas arrived from the Philippines in Los Angeles, where FBI agents hoped to question her about...

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    Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Freedom of Oxford honour

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 01:26am on October 04, 2017

    An honour granting Aung San Suu Kyi the Freedom of Oxford has been withdrawn by the council of the British city because of her response to the Rohingya crisis, reports BBC...

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    More groups challenge Trump’s latest travel ban in court

    Reuters . New York | Updated at 12:01am on October 04, 2017

    Muslim immigrants and an advocacy group filed a fresh lawsuit against president Donald Trump’s latest version of a travel ban that placed indefinite restrictions on the entry of citizens from eight countries to the United States...

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    Sharif back as party chief

    Reuters . Islamabad | Updated at 12:05am on October 04, 2017

    Pakistan’s ruling party on Tuesday re-elected ousted premier Nawaz Sharif as its leader, saying he was ‘back with full force’, a day after using its parliamentary majority to amend a law to allow him to re-take the job...

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    Myanmar soldiers held with 2m yaba pills

    Agence France-Presse . Rangoun | Updated at 01:05am on October 04, 2017

    Two Myanmar soldiers are being questioned after they were caught with nearly two million ‘yaba’ pills in restive Rakhine state, police said Tuesday, as the drugs trade goes on despite communal violence...

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    Foreign envoys in Myanmar say villages burned to ground

    Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha . Dhaka | Updated at 12:05am on October 04, 2017

    Ambassadors of 20 mostly western countries based in Myanmar in a joint statement has said they saw Rohingya villages were burned to the ground with residents fleeing elsewhere while visiting the Rakhine state, the scene of the violent military crackdown...

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    US trio wins physics Nobel for spotting wrinkles in cosmos

    Agence France-Presse . Stockholm | Updated at 12:05am on October 04, 2017

    US astrophysicists Barry Barish, Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss were awarded the Nobel Physics Prize Tuesday for the discovery of gravitational waves, offering a sneak peak at the Universe’s very beginnings...

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    Pakistan’s ousted PM Sharif ‘back with full force’ as party chief

    Reuters | Updated at 02:36pm on October 03, 2017

    Pakistan’s ruling party on Tuesday re-elected ousted premier Nawaz Sharif as its leader, saying he was ‘back with full force’, a day after...