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    Pakistan accuses India of fresh firing

    Agence France-Presse . Islamabad | Updated at 01:21am on October 04, 2016

    Pakistani and Indian troops on Monday exchanged fresh fire across their de facto border in Kashmir, Pakistan’s military said, following an overnight militant raid on an Indian army camp in which one trooper was killed...

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    How is terrorism funded in South-East Asian countries?

    by Natalia Rogozhina | Updated at 12:10am on October 04, 2016

    THERE are many facts that prove that the countries of South-East Asia are now facing the threat of the spread of radical Islamism and increased violence as a result. Over the last year, explosions occurred in Indonesia and Thailand, and terrorist attacks were planned in Malaysia and in Singapore...

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    Suicide bombers hit Shiite gatherings in Baghdad, 11 dead

    Reuters | Updated at 09:24pm on October 03, 2016

    Suicide bombers attacked two Shiite Muslim processions in Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 11 people and wounding more than 40, police and medical sources said...

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    Floods affect 600,000 people in North Korea

    Reuters | Updated at 07:41pm on October 03, 2016

    At least 600,000 people in North Korea have been affected by heavy flooding that damaged or destroyed 30,000 homes, the Red Cross said, calling for urgent humanitarian aid ahead of the winter...

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    India arrests six suspected of plotting Islamic State attacks

    Reuters | Updated at 07:39pm on October 03, 2016

    Indian police have arrested six members of an Islamic State-inspired group suspected of plotting attacks on key figures and public places during the...

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    18-month-old Georgia boy dies after being shot in home

    Associated Press | Updated at 07:27pm on October 03, 2016

    Police are investigating the death of a Georgia toddler who was shot at his home in suburban...

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    Jharkhand villagers rally after four coalmine protesters killed

    Reuters | Updated at 05:35pm on October 03, 2016

    Villagers in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand vowed to continue their protest against a coal mine after four people were killed when police opened fire during clashes at the weekend, forcing a halt to operations at the site...

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    Japan's Ohsumi wins Nobel medicine prize

    Associated Press | Updated at 04:04pm on October 03, 2016

    Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded this year's Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday for discoveries related to the degrading and...

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    Hungarians vote to reject migrant quotas with very low turnout

    Reuters | Updated at 03:47pm on October 03, 2016

    Almost all Hungarians who voted in Sunday's referendum rejected the European Union's migrant quotas but turnout was too low to make the poll valid, frustrating prime minister Viktor Orban's hopes of a clear victory with which to challenge Brussels...

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    Taliban fighters enter northern Afghan city of Kunduz

    Reuters | Updated at 09:25am on October 03, 2016

    Taliban fighters mounted a coordinated assault on the northern city of Kunduz overnight, attacking from four directions and entering the city itself...