Notuner Utsab 2019

‘Radharaman’ premiered at Shilpakala

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 22:49, Dec 01,2019


A scene from ‘Radharaman’. — Ali Hossain Mintu

Sunamganj-based theatre troupes Sunamganj Proscenium and Bandhan Theatre jointly premiered ‘Radharaman’, a play portraying life and works of Sylheti dhamail music composer and lyricist Radharaman Dutta, at National Theatre of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on Saturday.

The play, directed by Shamim Shagor, was staged on the second day of ‘Notuner Utsab 2019’, a seven-day theatre festival featuring new plays by seven theatre troupes.

Besides portraying Radharaman Dutta’s journey, the play gives the audience a glimpse into the then society.

The play also features songs penned by Radharaman Dutta. It begins with a chorus performance of the song Tomra ashor sajao goo.

Radharaman Dutta was born as ‘Radhakeshab’ in 1833. His father Radhamadhab was a teacher, who taught Radhakeshab about the workings of the world.

After Radhamadhab passes way, Radhakeshab falls into depression. One day he hears someone calling his name. He tries to locate the source of the sound, which seems to be coming from the direction of the haor.

Radhakeshab gets married. He becomes father of four sons. Things take a turn for the worse when three of his sons die from cholera. He also loses his wife.

A heartbroken Radhakeshab leaves his home and goes to the jungle. When wandering the jungle, he meets a saint, who tells Radhakeshab to seek God.

Radhakeshab adopts the name Radharaman Dutta and decides to seek God through music. He starts composing songs, which are still popular among music lovers.

The play features popular Radharaman numbers like Bhromor koio giya, Kare dhekabo moner dhukko, Amar bondhu doyamoy, Amare ashibar kotha koiya, Ami robo na robo na grihe and others.

‘I like Radharaman Dutta’s songs but didn’t know much about him until today. The play brilliantly portrayed his life and journey. The combination of skilful acting and songs created a wonderful ambiance,’ Sithi Debnath, an audience, told New Age.

‘I decided to make this play to give the masses a glimpse into the journey of Radharaman Dutta. I hope the audience found the play entertaining,’ said Shamim Shagor.

Debashish Talukder Suvro, Samir Pollob, Sadikur Rahman Khan, Amit Barman and others acted in the play.

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