9 Bangladeshi human traffickers deported from Brunei

31 companies backlisted

Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Published: 00:37, Nov 23,2019 | Updated: 15:02, Nov 24,2019


At least nine Bangladeshis, who were allegedly involved in human trafficking activities in Brunei, have been deported by the Brunei authorities, according to Bangladesh High Commission.

The deported Bangladeshis were also involved in visa trading in Brunei-Bangladesh recruitment Corridor, said senior officials in Bandar Seri Begawan.

The deported Bangladeshis are Mahedi Hassan Bijon, Mohammad Jakir, Mohammad Shohel, Mohammad Mukter, Mohammad Monir, MA Shofiq, Rasel Ahamed, Joj Mia and Mohammad Asif.

Two other Bangladeshis named Abdur Rahim and Abdullah Al Mamun Apu are at present in the custody of the Brunei police being accused in criminal cases. 

A high ranking officer in Bangladesh mission in Brunei confirmed New Age about the deportation of the Bangladeshi nationals in separate dates.

Migration experts in Bangladesh hailed the detention and deportation of the traffickers by the Brunei government and they also demanded their exemplary punishment in the country on return.

Officials said that the Brunei authorities had blacklisted at least 31 companies in Brunei for their involvement in visa trading and harassing the migrant workers after recruiting them from Bangladesh.

The backlisted companies include Sri Sin Sdn Bhd, Jannat Hosain Sdn Bhd, Tasnim Contractor  Sdn Bhd, Mushtaque Construction Sdn Bhd, HK Sdn Bhd, Matusin HjAbd Rahman Sdn Bhd, BRB Sdn Bhd, Jannati Sdn Bhd, Kem Sdn Bhd, Kem2 Sdn Bhd, Morsalin Sdn Bhd, Sahha Construction, Fazi Nafi Contractor, Rasel Khan  Sdn Bhn, Dea Sdn Bhd, MA Razzak Construction, Josna Sdn Bhd, Ali Zainuddin Construction Sdn Bhd, Pertex Sdn Bhd, Azeal contractor, Jihad Sdn Bhd, R. Sheikh Sdn Bhd, Sadruddin Sdn Bhd, Nabil Sdn Bhd, RA Habib Sdn Bhd, Samiul Sdn Bhd, APR Sdn Bhd, AR Active Sdn Bhd, Axpart Sdn Bhd, Sohrab Khan Sdn Bhd and SMSR Sdn Bhd.

Bangladeshi nationals in collaboration with Brunei citizen opened the fake companies and created fake visas to recruit workers from Bangladesh.

After landing in Brunei with the fake visas, the workers did not get jobs and they lodged complaints with the Bangladesh mission, said officials. 

Last month, the home ministry of Bangladesh cancelled the passports of five suspected Bangladeshi human traffickers in Brunei.

Officials said that Brunei had been requested to repatriate them for legal action as the offenders were involved in human trafficking and illegal visa trading in Brunei.

About 30,000 Bangladeshis currently work in Brunei, mostly in construction sector. 

Officials said that Bangladeshi workers who were recruited without approval from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training became victims of trafficking in Brunei.

They said that situation got improved in Brunei as the Sultan himself had taken actions against various malpractices and corruptions.

When asked, Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Programme chairman Shakirul Islam, who conducted many researches on human trafficking in labour migration, told New Age that the Bangladesh government should immediately bring those deported traffickers to book.

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