Number of dengue patients in hospitals fluctuates

Staff Correspondent | Published: 02:43, Oct 21,2019


The number of dengue patients in hospitals fluctuated in recent days.

On Sunday, the number of dengue patients increased to at least 229 in hospitals across the country including 94 in the capital and 135 in the districts.

On Friday, 178 dengue patients were hospitalized across the country and the number increased to 184 on Saturday.

On October 10, at least 316 dengue patients were hospitalized, but number decreased to 238 on October 11 and to 226 on October 12.

The number increased over the next three days reaching 301 on October 15.

The number of hospitalized dengue patients dropped again over the next three consecutive days, to 178 on October 18, before increasing to 184 on October 19 and to 229 on October 20.

According to the Health Services on Sunday at least 974 dengue patients were in hospitals across the country, 444 in the capital and 530 in the districts.

Bangladesh witnessed an unprecedented outbreak of the dengue with at least 93,590 getting hospitalized since January.

In September, dengue hospitalization slowed down with 16,856 dengue patients  hospitalized and at least 5,637 dengue patients were hospitalized over the first 20 days of October.

The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research said it has received reports of 246 suspected dengue deaths since April.

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