Pieket: hide out at the hideout

Nawar Fairooz | Published: 00:00, Oct 20,2019

Nawar Fairooz, Pieket

PIEKET is a two-man band that makes indie music in Dhaka. At the mention of Pieket, a lot of us are left with several questions, starting with the name of the band to their strange lyrics and the lead singer’s clothes. But the mellowness of their music composition and hum-able lyrics make their music worth listening to. So, for those of us who are willing to dip their toes in rarely exposed genres, Pieket is a good addition to the playlist.

‘Hide out at the hideout after pretty much hiding from it all’ is the second track on Pieket’s upcoming album, ‘2020 VISION’. This sneak peak promises listeners more weirdness and their signature radical style from the new album.

Wadud and Sinjan aim to make videos for most of the tracks on this album, which should be interesting judging by their previous work. The absurd song appeals to the millennial who craves a break from the mundane life. The first verse paints the picture of a regular city dwelling 20-something, looking for meaning in the meaningless mess of a city. The narrator is clearly exasperated with the contemporary culture of ‘productivity’ and wants to hide from it all. The song also speaks about the futility of venting or complaining, and a desire to break free of societal obligations.

The song is sad, but it will make you sway rhythmically from side to side. The modernist lyric explores the depths of human mind and specifically addresses anxiety disorder, while maintaining a steady groove. ‘Your mind is not your friend | your friends are your friends |

Sometimes, thinking is the enemy’ but knowing Pieket, they will leave it to individual listeners to derive a meaning of their own without divulging their own thoughts.

‘Hide out at the hideout’ has several moods throughout the track. The music shifts from mellow to sad and then transitions back to mellow before dissolving into vague psychedelia. The tranquil beat and shoegaze vibe has the potential to cater to ears of numerous cuisines.

The track can be found on youtube, uploaded from the channel named ‘The Mothership

Records’ accompanied by an abstract track art. The cover art is an interesting pencil sketch of three silhouettes, organised to appear as a Venn diagram of sorts. The art is a courtesy of Hasib, the band’s frequent guest member and friend.

Paekis or friends/fans of the band can look forward to 2020 in hopes of listening to the whole album online or live. In the meantime, ‘Hiding out at the hideout’ will be our friend while we hazily stare at the ceiling at 3am as we contemplate life and the universe.

Nawar Fairoozis a student of Independent University Bangladesh

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