Student body should be independent, not wing of party: Rashed Khan Menon

Moloy Saha | Published: 00:13, Sep 20,2019 | Updated: 19:08, Sep 21,2019


Rashed Khan Menon

Workers Party of Bangladesh president and former vice-president of Dhaka University Central Students' Union, Rashed Khan Menon, on Wednesday said that the student organisations should have an independent identity and not work as a front organisation of a political party.

In an interview with New Age, Rashed Khan Menon said that the student organisations of the ruling parties were being used as weapons to go to power and remain in power.

The student movements now became dependable on the wish of the ruling parties.

As a result, student politics lost sight of its past glorious role — a role it played in the national politics during different national crisis, he said.

Referring to the elections of the committees of two big political parties — Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party — Menon said no party had followed proper election procedure to form committees.

Moreover, Chhatra Dal had nominated party’s acting chairperson Tarique Rahman their mentor for holding council session.

‘I was elected vice-president of DUCSU in 1963-64 session but we never thought of earning money by exploiting the position and we did not even know where the engineering department was situated in the Dhaka University campus.’

Now student politics had lost its old pride and student leaders were involved in earning money through extortions to amass wealth of their own.

During the regime of Ziaur Rahman, corruptions entered into student politics and during the tenure of DUCSU VP Amanullah Aman it was given an institutional shape.

Moreover, the quality of education in Dhaka University degraded and as a result it had lost its position in world quality ranking list.

Regular elections should be held in the universities and colleges so that student organisations did not lose sight of their true goals and every institution should have a fixed date for the election, he emphasised.

Moreover, the student organisations of the left parties should play a leading role for resolving the problems of the students in the campus, he observed.

'To resolve the problems that ail student politics at present, I propose some immediate steps which should be executed soon. The student organisations should work towards resolving all crises faced by students in gaining access to quality education,' he said.

 Their participations in the national politics would be secondary, he added, and pointed out that the student organisatoins would not be front organisations of the political parties.

The left student organisatoins should be vocal against all sorts of communal activates and corruptions held on the campus.

In Dhaka University, ‘guest room culture’ must be stopped and new students who faced repressions in halls must given support, said the former student leader.

Moreover, Menon believed that the allocations in the education sector must be increased and it should be eight per cent of gross domestic product and 20 to 25 per cent of the national budget.

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