Student politics must revive its old pride: Mujahidul Islam Selim

Moloy Saha | Published: 00:11, Sep 20,2019 | Updated: 21:43, Sep 21,2019


Mujahidul Islam Selim

Communist Party of Bangladesh president and former vice-president of Dhaka University Central Student Union Mujhaidul Islam Selim on Wednesday said that student politics in Bangladesh must return to its old matrix. Politics made us proud as it was about working for the welfare of the students, he added.

Talking to New Age, veteran left politician Mujahidul Islam Selim expressed dissatisfaction over the role of the ruling party’s student organisation Bangladesh Chhatra League and what their leaders and activists were doing in the name of student politics.

Mentioning the glorious role of student organisations in the past, the former DUCSU vice-president Selim said real student politics still sustained in the educational institutions but they became marginalised now.

Now the student organisation of the ruling party had introduced dreadful culture in the name of student politics. The student organisations of the left-leaning political parties were the tradition bearers of student politics and were still working for the welfare of the students.

The detrimental trend of student politics also existed in the past and was practiced by government-backed student organisation — National Student Front. NSF was marginalised then but situation had changed now and real student politics had become weaker over the years.

Mujahidul Islam Selim hoped that the situation would change as the voices of 95 percent students remained unheard because of the ‘crime syndicates’ active in the campuses. These are formed in collusion with the ruling parties’ student organisations, the administrations and some teachers.

The ‘crime syndicate’ is controlling admission, allocation of seats in the halls and even tender manipulations.

When Awami League had formed a government after a farcical general election held on December 30 and failed to ensure good governance in the country, many sectors became engulfed in corruptions. So how would you expect good performances from the student leaders?   

Referring the last DUCSU election that held after 28 years, Selim said that it was also a controversial and most of the students failed to apply their voting rights. So, leaders of present DUCSU were not real representatives of the students.

Moreover, authoritarian rules were existing in the public universities who have seized the rights of the students in the halls and the campuses.

Mujahidul Islam Selim said that holding student unions’ elections regularly as a part of educational calendar might bring radical change to the student politics and bring back some of its old pride.

In Dhaka University, the ‘guest room culture’ must be stopped where new students face repressions, a high-level task force should be formed in the universities who would supervise admission, seat allocations in the halls and also look after the administrations.

Moreover, the allocations in the education sector must be increased and it should be 8% of gross domestic product and 20 to 25 per cent of the national budget shall be allocated in this sector.

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