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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Aug 25,2019


August 19 was International Photography Day. Marking the day young photographers share their photos and stories behind their captures with New Age Youth

Md Nazmul Hassan
Comilla University

CAPTURING pictures is my hobby. I want to highlight the occasional sighting and unseen through my pictures. Today, I am not talking about that. Today, I will tell you a different story about a photo which still inspires me.

It was probably one and a half year ago, I was studying at midnight around 2:00am. Most of the time, when everyone of my family fall asleep, I continue my studies. In that midnight, I heard my cell-phone ringing which was a call from my ancestral home. My mother called me over the phone and said that my grandmother had died a few minutes ago, so I should return there as early as possible.

I did not know what to do at that time. All on a sudden I clicked the photo.

Maybe the photo has no meaning to others but it is significant to me. Till now, most of the time when I wake up at midnight and see the photo I remember just one thing that this woman has been enlightening us with her suggestion and guidance and she is important to me.

It was philosophical that I compered my grandmother with a picture of a light source. When everything is dark in my life, only one thing gives me inspiration — my grandmother’s guidance and suggestions.

So I dedicate this photo to her in this World Photography Day.

Ekra Enayet Joytu
College Of Development Alternative

IT WAS 20th August, everything was going well. It was 7:00pm; all the guys were there at the rooftop. We were having a barbecue party. Most of us were busy in looking after the barbecue. But you seemed lost in your own thoughts.

You were standing on the edge, grazing at the night sky, decorated with dazzling stars and a full moon. It was really beautiful. I came to you and asked if everything was alright. You looked at me and said everything was fine with a little smile on your lips.

We were talking about random things, laughing at those silly jokes. For a moment we made an eye contact, the stars reflecting on your eyes making it look glossy. Your skin was glowing with a purple hue because of the moonlight. You looked alluring in that moment.

I wanted to capture it. I asked you to pose for the camera. At first, you were doing all goofy, dorky poses that made me laugh like a maniac. I asked you to pose properly.

That was when I captured the picture. You were sitting normally without making all those silly faces.

Shekh Ahmed Niroz
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

THIS picture is the result of an extremely lazy Friday afternoon. A flurry of rain had just poured on this carefully choreographed chaotic metropolis that we call Dhaka. The down pouring shower gave this capital city a much needed bath. I could hear the city dwellers take a huge relaxing breather.

This habit-forming, dependency causing, city with a huge population looks the most beautiful when soaked in rain. However, what will be the aftermath? Is that even more alluring? One just needs an open heart and a mind full of optimism to enjoy it. Admittedly, yes! This city smells of busy schedules, heart breaks, sweat and tears.

Nonetheless, this city also represents dreams, opportunities and unapologetic hopes. Dawn, much like nature and love has a very beautiful quality to it — it makes the thing look beautiful when it cuddles with something. Under the setting sun everything looks apologetic, yet sincere. Tired, yet proud and of course always royal.

Have you noticed? The rooftops are the biggest secret keeper this city has ever produced. They have seen everything the proposals, the devastations, the laughs, the heated arguments and the love. I was there on my rooftop that day. Rooftop being a loyal silent observer saw me clicking photo of a disorderly sky over the city scrape.

The cloud represents us! It is always running for the dreams and hopes which are represented through the red streaks. Whereas, the sky. It represents the city itself which is bearing everything, both the clouds and the reddish streaks.

Sajjad Hossain
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

ALRIGHT let us face it. We all had that feeling at least once in our lifetime — the feeling of loneliness. The whole world moving rapidly as you become a part of it and all on a sudden, in your head, it is that cursing ambience filled in absolute tranquillity.

We wish to find someone, a desire to be with someone. Loneliness is a curse. Once you get used to it, there’s no going back. Now that might sound real cool but there’s a reason to call it a curse. Ever thought why all your anxiety emerges to ruin your sleep at the middle of the night? Yep, now you know!

So describing apart, you might be wondering how the photo is taken. Well basically it’s a shot from a university project of mine from the beginning of my under graduation life (I got a D for the trashy storytelling though) but this long exposure shot sure will remain as one of my most favourite shots.

Shout out to my friend Rafi Nur for sitting there in the middle of the road taking all risk of speeding cars going through for at least an hour.


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