Eid-ul-Azha being celebrated across the world

Staff Correspondent | Published: 18:24, Aug 11,2019


People take part in the congregation to celebrate the Eid ul-Azha, in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sundy.— Reuters photo

Muslims around the world, particularly in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and China are celebrating the Eid ul-Azha, one of the biggest Islamic festivals, on Sunday.

Although the majority of Muslims are celebrating the Eid on Sunday, for many, including those living in South Asia, Australia, and the Philippines, Eid would celebrate the festival on Monday, based on the sighting of the moon of Hizri month of Zilhajj.

The festival, popularly known in South Asia as Eid of qurbani, ‘festival of the sacrifice’, commemorates the prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith.

According to Islamic narration, Ibrahim was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his son, Ismail and Allah stayed his hand, sparing the boy, and placing a ram in his place.

Pilgrims performing hajj in Makkah were also performing the symbolic ritual of the stoning of the devil at Mina concluding the hajj. Two million pilgrims this year gather at Mount Arafat for hajj.

The day is marked with the sacrifice of an animal, usually a goat, sheep, or cow, and the distribution of the meat among neighbours, family members, and the poor.



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