Leaseholders must set up cattle markets abiding by rules

Published: 00:00, Aug 11,2019


EID-TIME cattle markets in Dhaka are reported to have extended beyond the designated spots into residential areas. Leaseholders also extended most of the 24 cattle markets onto roads in breach of rules. Local people complained that the unauthorised expansion of the markets caused them sufferings and polluted the environment, with the city authorities largely remaining indifferent to such violation. The leaseholders allowed many cattle traders to set up structures on roads and in residential areas, erect arches in crowded areas and dig roads in many places to set up tents to keep the cattle much before the schedule. What has compounded the problem is that politically powerful people have also set up a number of illegal makeshift cattle markets without having permission. What is most deplorable is that the authorities are yet to take any actions against the errant leaseholders. Setting up of markets hampering public life amounts to not only violation of the lease contract but also disregard for a High Court order in this regard.

The mess that the capital city has thus fallen into is upsetting. Local people put down the situation to a sinister nexus between the police and leaseholders as there is no supervision or monitoring by the authorities concerned. This has compounded the situation for all — the people who need to abide by the law and the people who need to enforce the law — and created a sense of impunity in the offenders. While experts believe that the nexus between the police and leaseholders is at the root of the mess, the law enforcement authorities seek to brush aside the existence of any such nexus. With open spaces, mostly being illegally occupied by vendors, makeshift shops and even construction materials, Dhaka has already become a city unfriendly to the dwellers. To add to their woes, before Eid, makeshift cattle markets in the capital having extended beyond their designated spots and occupying a number of residential areas hamper their life. But none from the authorities has turned up to take aberrant leaseholders to task for their unlawful action.

Laws are meant for abidance as much as they are for strict enforcement. Any belief contrary to this notion only defeats the purpose of law enforcement. It is time that the authorities and law enforcers concerned seriously looked into the matter to ensure that cattle markets are set up in complete adherence to the terms and conditions of the contract next time so that people do not face any hassle and can lead their life without any impediment posed by such makeshift markets.

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