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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jul 21,2019


Gaming on screen, be it on computer or gaming console, makes up for a significant portion of entertainment for urban youths. Many have chosen console gaming over computer and vice versa, whereas some have labelled Fifa as their favourite game to indulge in. Others remember their childhood memory of gaming arcades and share their thoughts on gaming with New Age Youth

Shadman Araf
Bangladesh University of Professionals

BEING a 90s kid, I will have to admit that I was privileged of having a personal computer since my early childhood. At first, I used to play games mostly for social reasons, or being a part of the conversation with my school friends who have completed most of the missions on GTA (Grand Theft Auto) back in the days.

I got introduced to gaming world by the all-time-remembered Need for Speed 2, Road Rash, House of the Dead et cetera. Now when I think of my childhood, it makes me think that why these games were popular even though these games did not have top notch graphics or advanced battle mode like most of the games have these days.

Later on, I was introduced to Xbox 360 by one of my friends where I could play multiplayer console games like Fifa or Mortal Kombat X. Last year, my university classmates suggested me ‘PUBG mobile’ which is the most played game currently on mobile platform.

I think gaming takes away the stress that we accumulate through passing of our daily life by being a medium of entertainment. It refrains youth from other distractions like drugs, gang violence but everything if used in excessive manner has its negative side effects.

Farzana Binte Hossain Anna
Jahangirnagar University 

MORE or less every 90s urban kid has some interesting background story to tell about computer games; like others I also do have memories related to gaming.

I have been very excited about gaming from my early childhood days and it started when a new game shop opened in our area between the road of my school and home and my eyes couldn’t stop noticing it and was curious to know what’s going on in there.

After few days, hiding from my mother, I went to that game shop and for the first time I played 2d video game that was none other than the most famous game ‘Cadillacs and Dinosaurs’ commonly known as Mustapha.

I can still remember those kicks, punches and the pleasure of winning the game and indulge more in the game. Unfortunately when my mother came to know the fact that I am spending time in local gaming shop, I was scolded and beaten awfully as all of my game partners were boys and I was the only girl who used to go there. To stop me from going to that shop, my mother brought that funny boring brick game handheld console that couldn’t sooth my desire to play Mustapha.

From that pay-per-coin game shop to Game-Boy and other gaming consoles, I even carried Play Station Portable in my university Bang. Among many verities of interesting games my favourite were fighting games. Takken, God of Wars were some of my favourites but I hardly played games like GTA.

Among all the available options, gaming on computer was never desirable to me and I have always preferred gaming on different consoles

Twasin Tasawar
North South University

VIDEO games are great form of entertainment. Some of us like to play games on computer and some of us on console. The console verses computer gaming debate is a perennial battle we don’t expect to end it anytime soon.

I prefer console gaming, because one can only insert a disc or download a game and that’s all. It is not necessary to download a separate installation tool for a particular game. I may have to download updates but it is a simple process.

In case of computer gaming, I may have to make a few adjustments specific to my machine’s specifications, may also adjust the graphic settings. So, on console, I will not have to face majority of the problems.

My favourite video game is Fifa. It is basically a football video game, released annually by EA Sports. One can easily select a country or a club to play a football match in Fifa. It is also possible to adjust the difficulty level and the time duration of the match. This game can also be played with multiple friends at a time. People from all over the world have been playing Fifa on screen for quite a long time now.

Gaming is important for healthy brain development. It allows children to use their creativity. Gaming teaches us the spirit of patience and courage.   

Ridwan Rafid Hussain
North South University

YES, I play computer games. The most exciting part of it is that it mentally entertains me a lot.

I usually play sports related computer games such as cricket, football, tennis. My most favourite computer game is Fifa. Because of its game play, it seems like reality on screen and this kindles my mind with refreshment.

I am a big fan of football but unfortunately it is not feasible nowadays for me to play football physically on the ground because of the hectic schedule but when I play Fifa, it gives me some sort of mental amusement.

As far my concerns, while the western world has embraced e-sports, here in Bangladesh there is no proper e-sports scene. That is to imply that while competitive gaming exists in Bangladesh, there is no Electronic Sports League (ESL) or international level tournaments taking place here.

However, even with the setback of a properly organised or funded tournament, competitive gamers in Bangladesh have continued to showcase their resilience to such obstacles.

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