Ridesharing Service Guideline

Companies get approval without fulfilling conditions

Shahin Akhter | Published: 01:05, Jul 20,2019


Ten ridesharing service provider companies have so far been given approval by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority while none of them got official certificates yet as they failed to fulfil the conditions.

From July 1 this year the BRTA started to implement the Ridesharing Services Guideline 2017 which came into effect on March 8 in 2018 allowing the commercial use of private vehicles across the country.

In line with the guideline, all ridesharing companies and motor vehicle owners will have to receive enlistment certificates from the authority to provide the service.

Since July 1 the authority gave approval to 10 ridesharing service provider companies that applied for the enlistment certificates till Thursday, said BRTA director (engineering) Md Lokam Hossain Mollah.

According to the article ‘Ka’ of the guideline, all ridesharing service provider companies will have to receive enlistment certificates from the BRTA to provide the service.

Currently the companies need to apply online for the certificates and they also need to print the certificates from online, said officials.

After getting approval none of these could get the enlistment certificates yet for not fulfilling the conditions outlined in an article of the guideline, said a senior official of the engineering department, seeking anonymity.

The article ‘Ka’ also says that no ridesharing companies will be allowed to provide the service if they do not have a minimum number of motor vehicles in their fleet area wise.

Some 10 companies applied for Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority areas for which the numbers of vehicles have been set at 100.

The senior official said that till now one of these companies could show 100 vehicles tagged to their shared car fleet in the system of BRTA and that was why they did not get the certificates from the system.

Pickme Limited and Pathao Limited tagged around 90 vehicles till Thursday, he said and added that after getting information of the vehicles they would distribute enlistment certificates against each motor vehicle.

The same article also says that owners of the motor vehicles — running under these companies — also have to receive enlistment certificates against each motor vehicle.

The companies that got approval are — chronologically — Pickme Limited, Computer Network System, O Bhai Solutions Limited, Chaldal Limited, Pathao, Ezzyr Technologies Limited, Akash Technology Limited, Segesta Limited, Shohoz Limited and Uber Bangladesh Limited.

Probahon Limited and Buddy Limited also applied for the certificates and they were yet to get the approval.

Earlier some other companies like Golden Reign Limited, Rider Rideshare Enterprise Inc Limited and Akij Online Limited applied for the certificates which were yet to apply through online.

Introduced in 2016, the app-based ridesharing services, particularly in Dhaka and Chattogram metropolitan cities, have gained popularity even without any government approval.

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