Jahalam’s Wrongful Detention

ACC finds 12 investigators, 3 supervising officers’ negligence

M Moneruzzaman | Published: 00:05, Jul 12,2019


The Anti-Corruption Commission on Thursday submitted in the High Court Division that innocent Jahalam was wrongfully detained for over three years in 33 bank loan cases due to negligence of 12 investigators and 2 supervising officers of ACC and its former director general for special inquiries colonel Hanif Iqbal.

The ACC also submitted that due to their negligence no efforts were made to arrest Abu Salek, the real culprit.

The ACC held the departmental inquiry following suo moto directive, the High Court Division.

A bench of Justice FRM Nazmul Ahasan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader set Tuesday for passing orders with regard to the negligence of ACC officers.

The ACC submitted that in 2012 then ACC deputy director Abdullah Al Zahid filed 33 cases against Abu Salek who misappropriated over Tk 18.47 crore of Sonali Bank by opening 33 accounts with 18 Banks, using Jahalam’s photos and National Identity Card.

It was illegal for Zahid to file 33 cases for the single offence of Salek.

Sonali Bank had rightly filed a single case for the misappropriation.

But Zahid committed another gross irregularity by submitting the final report instead of pressing the charge against Salek and officials of banks who worked as his accomplices.

On December 26, 2010, the ACC assigned Zahid to investigate the case after the police transferred it to the ACC. 

Zahid recommended to colonel Hanif Iqbal, the then ACC director-general for special inquiry and investigation to file 33 cases in the matter.   

The probe report said that the 12 investigation officers- deputy directors Selina Akter Moni, Md Masudur Rahman, Sheikh Mesbah Uddin, Nazmussadat, Devbrata Mondal and ASM Sazzad Hossain, and assistant directors Sumitra Sen, Rafi Md Nasmus Sahadat, Mesbahul Zannat, Zainal Abedin, Md Saiduzzaman and Silvia Ferdous neglected their responsibility to  find out and arrest the real culprit and implicated Jahalam on the basis of the documents that showed Jahalam as Salek. 

Had the investigation officers visited Jahalam’s house at Nagarpur, Tangail, they could know that fact a poor jute mill worker like Jahalam could never misappropriate Tk 18.57 crore.

The investigation officers shared the documents supplied by bank officials instead of  investigating into the 33 cases.   

The report said that the ACC should not appoint the junior officers to investigate the importance cases which were their first task since joining to ACC on August 7, 2011.

Deputy director Abdullah Al Zahid, now director and former director-general Nur Ahammad supervised the investigation officers.       

And Jahalam was falsely implicated in 30 of the cases on the basis of false evidence given by  Faisal Kayes  Brac Bank officer at  SME branch at  Mohammadpur.

The real offender Abu Salek is hiding in India after borrowing Tk 18.57crore from the cantonment branch of state owned Sonali Bank in 2010 using the National Identity Card of Jahalam.

Salek who used to work at server of the NID Wing of the Election Commission had stolen Jahalam’s national ID Card and used it to open account at the Mirpur Cantonment branch of Sonali Bank to commit the forgery.

After midnight of February 3, Jahalam was freed from the Kashimpur Central Jail after the bench acquitted him of the 26 cases.

The incident of gross miscarriage of justice   was detected by the National Human Right Commission on April 22, 2018 when its chairman met Jahalam inside the Kashimpur Central Jail.

Jahalam of Dhubria, Sakin Nagar, Tangail was a worker of Ghorasal Jute Mill and he was sacked after his wrongful arrest.

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