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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jul 07,2019


When human rights are violated everywhere, not many people are concerned about animal rights. Young people share their thoughts on animal rights condition with New Age Youth

Humaira Sadia Neha
Rajshahi Education Board Government Model School & College, Rajshahi

FRANKLY speaking, in the present world where human rights are violated in many places of this world, it is a matter of shame to write something about animal rights. Needless to say that many animals are often seen going through inexpressible cruelties worldwide.

We have to remind ourselves that we cannot neglect this major issue as we, the human beings, are responsible for these miserable conditions.

Animals are exploited mostly in two ways — the first directly abused by human beings and the second, indirectly through the attitude humans show to the environment, different kinds of pollution and therefore cause harm to the spontaneous movement of the animals as well as their natural habitats.

We forget the fact that animals contribute a lot to maintain the food chain and help to maintain the balance of our ecosystem. So without them, our existence will be threatened too.

So, necessarily, animal rights should be taken into consideration and addressed properly by the concerned authority.

Thus, animal abuse should be taken into account with strict hands and illegal animal hunting has to be prohibited. Again, responsible pet ownership should be ensured.

Animals’ rights to live and move free of human exploitation have to be protected.

Most importantly, there should be a lot of publicity regarding this matter so that people can become conscious about animal rights and thus we may create a favourable environment for the animals.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka

THOUGH ensuring human rights are still a far cry here but we have to be concerned about animal rights too. Animal rights violation is now on a desperate mode. We might see the harshest nature of it when we visit our zoos.

There are so many hungry and scrawny animals that are the acute victims of the huge corruption and negligence of zoo staffs and officials. These animals are not getting proper care including foods, sanitation and other facilities of a living being.

On the one hand, their allocated foods are getting stolen by the zoo authorities and nobody talking about that. On the other hand, our government is also desperate to implement anti-environmental development projects like Rampal coal-based power plant near the world’s largest mangrove forest that will further threaten different animals’— living in forests and water — natural habitat and food sources.

I will finish with a quote by Albert Schweitzer. He said, ‘We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognise it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.’

Md Shafiqul Islam
Jahangirnagar University

WE HAVE to primarily be clear about our thinking process and ponder over who were living here before us. Before these cities and human establishments, different animals used to inhabit these places.

With the establishment of ‘civilisation’, human started to invade these spaces by eliminating different other life forms from these places. As a result, many species have gone extinct and many have become refugees.

Human have to compile laws and form judiciary system to save itself from barbarity of fellow human beings which pretty much itself indicates the vulnerable condition of other animals in the hands of rampaging human beings.

Major differences among us and other animals are our intellect and processing power. So, it is our duty to make an earth which will ensure all the rights that any living form deserves. It is also important to make and implement laws to protect animals from other human exploiting them for profits.

Different kinds of animals who inhabit in forests only come to locality when they are in desperate need of food. So it indicates that the forests are no longer the sufficient food source for animals living there.

By activating different anti-natural projects in the name of development, human are destroying the entire ecosystem and food-chains of forests. Trees are the corner-stone of the forests and main source of food for many animals. Indiscriminate deforestation is a serious threat for the entire human race but the first victims are the animals living there. These scenarios are somewhat common in Sundarbans, Gazipur and Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Bangladesh has forest animal reservation laws of 1920, 1974 and 2012. These laws have punishment of Tk 100 or three month jail term for violating rights of animals. Moreover, there are no visible implications of these laws. As a result, killing animals and violating their rights are a never ending process.

Our national animal is tiger. It is highly unlikely for a tiger or any variation of big cats entering human establishments and returning to the forest without any harm. We often see news how local people lynch tigers or other animals when they enter locality looking for food. Though we call tigers ferocious, compared to human barbarity, they are nothing.

Cats, dogs and different kinds of birds live close to human establishments. With decrease of trees in urban areas, birds are decreasing. Moreover, there are people to get pleasure by torturing animals. To protect animals from such barbarity, proper implementation of animal rights laws is a must. Without implication, laws are meaningless.

The government is vocal about the economic development of our country and we might join the league of rich countries by 2041, according to economists. A developed nation should not only focus on economic numbers, rather, it should protect rights of human as well as animals.

To conform to the development discourse, we must hold models of those countries who are economically developed and have strong animal protection laws to make a world for not only human but also for every living being.    

Md Nazmul Hassan
Comilla University

IN THE beautiful world every creation is equally important and complements each other. So if we want to maintain a balance among all the living beings, we need to ensure proper rights for all the living mechanisms.

Animals play an important role in maintaining the environmental balance as well as the food chain. Even though, human are on top of the food chain but that does mean we have an added responsibility to protect the balanced cycle.

In recent time human rights are also violated in many instances and people are not concern about it. At this situation, human should be aware about their right and also be concern about animal right for a better world.

Animals are sentient beings. They do not have a voice, we humans need to protect them and give them a voice.

So finally in my point of view I want to say, animals are part of our reality; so if we are not concern to protect their rights, they will vanish and break the entire food and ecological system. It is alarming for us and earth.

S A Murad Sarkar
University of Dhaka

IT IS a grim truth that human rights are violated right and left and simultaneously are animal rights. We, the human beings, are responsible for this.

In a very general sense, animals deserve to live their lives free of pain, sufferings, and exploitation. But unfortunately enough, we have observed many animals suffer ineffable cruelties by the people as these people are not much aware about the animal rights.

We need to notice the plight and sufferings animal endure at our hands. Oftentimes it's seen that animal are being abused and slaughtered. All kinds of exploitation towards animals should be stopped soon as well as being indifferent about the animal rights should be checked.

We need to work to establish animal rights as the animals have no voice. Above all, animal rights need to be protected at any cost.

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