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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jun 23,2019


National budget for the 2019-20 fiscal years is proposed at the national assembly. Bangladesh government allocates Tk 61,118 crore for education. The amount is 2.1 per cent of the entire GDP of Bangladesh, increasing by 0.01 per cent from the 2018-19 budgets. For the development of youth and sports, Tk 1489.19 crore is allocated this year which is Tk 30.10 crore less than the previous one. Students reflect on these numbers with New Age Youth

Lamea Tanjin Tanha
University of Dhaka

Hypothetically think about Mashrafee quitting BD cricket team and joining New Zealand or any other cricket team just like Amir Hamza who quitted BD football team and joined Leicester City FC due to having very poor salary.

Imagine your son knows passing a football only in PS4 just like 90 per cent teenagers of Dhaka city as there’s only one stadium for seventeen crore people in this country. Imagine 5 lakh undergrad students are going abroad for studying due to lack of enough public universities and unbearable tuition expenses in private universities. Yes, these can happen just because of Bangladesh’s budget every year.

In the budget for financial year of 2019-20, Bangladesh government allocates Tk 24,041 crore for education where our honorable education minister Dr Dipu Moni proposed a budget plan of total of Tk 140,000 crore.

Due to this inadequate budget, quality teacher, education method and sufficient equipment for research can’t be ensured. Thus, an unskillful generation will be created. That is one of the reasons behind brain-drain as well.

According to an estimate from US ambassador to Bangladesh, currently, there are 8000 Bangladeshi students pursuing higher studies in the USA. And that’s because 12 Lakh students are passing each year from public universities having a capacity of retaining 7-8 lakhs of them (estimate).

Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden and so many other countries spent approximately 12-16 per cent of total GDP in their education sector whereas BD spends between 1.5-2 per cent on education. That’s why the education sector needs to be given more importance while planning the budget in this country.

In Bangladesh, there has been a rapid upsurge in urbanisation of major metropolitan centres in recent years. But the unplanned growth of these urban centres has given rise to excessive congestion in residential areas and rapid depletion of open spaces, fields, parks and play ground. This in turn has led to loss of space and opportunity for children and youths to engage in outdoor and indoor sport.

This trend is quite alarming as it has direct impact on the health condition of young Bangladeshis and their future growth as healthy citizens. In the above backdrop, it is quite sad that allocation for sports has shrunk from TK 1519.29crore to TK 1489.19 crore in the proposed 2019-20 national budget. This inadequacy in budget is the reason of sportsmen’s lower salary which tends to people’s unwillingness in participating in sports in this country.

Though the allocation of BD Budget especially in the above sectors which are education and development of youth and sport are incommensurate, we may appreciate and hope for implementing it without the interruption of corruption.

Partha Dutta
University of Dhaka

IN THE proposed budget for 2019-20 financial year, 16.75 per cent of the entire budget which counts up to Tk 87,620 crore — till date the biggest budget allocation for education. Last year, Tk 53,054 crore was allotted for this sector.

Recruiting foreign teachers as a near future agenda of the government is a hopeful sign for us. After being at halt for long, the Monthly Pay Order (MPO) for teaches is about to roll again. In the proposed budget, there are a lot of hopes and promises for the primary-madrasa-vocational institutions.

The hope of becoming a middle-income country is hugely dependent on the future generation. So, there is a strong connection between the infrastructure and quality of education and the budget for education sector. I believe this year’s proposed amount, if used wisely and properly, can bring positive changes for the education sector.   

Md Shafiqul Islam
Jahangirnagar University

ALLOCATION in the education sector has never reached the satisfactory level in any budget thus far. A country’s future and development is highly dependent on its educated population and research. Youth and students are the future generation of any country; so increasing budget for youth and education development is of utmost importance to any country.

The government needs to change its perspective on education sector; they should consider education as an investment for the future. The expenditure in the education sector will be invested for the development of the youth whose strength and knowledge will run the country in future.

The education sector should not be creating more educated unemployed. Rather than focusing on more and more graduates, we should put emphasise on vocational and technical education. The number of graduates in Bangladesh is far greater than the requirement and many of their degrees are at question because of the quality resulting in huge unemployment. The proposed budget should be used to address this issue.

The government can easily mend their policies and can educate a certain number of students in vocational training instead of graduating. This would help to capture different international markets.

In terms of research, the countries that spend more on research are the more developed nations. Huge economic giants spend a substantial amount of their budget for research purpose. These investments are paying huge dividends for these countries as they can easily export their research knowledge and technologies.       

Government’s goodwill can cut the expense for technology or service that we take from foreign countries; instead they can spend the same sum on research which will produce knowledge and revenue in the future.

Syed Ianur Shah
Pabna University of Science and Technology

THE very digital Bangladesh we talk about all day, how do we expect to view the digital Bangladesh? Well it should be through our own technology and our own talent.

Here comes the budget. The quality of our education is still at question and we have many more goals to achieve in this sector. The government needs to use the budget to facilitate more and more students and provide them with quality education. The increase for education in this budget, compared to the last budget, is not much but appreciable.   

Should we consider the budget for youth development, we can see the allotments are decreased, well that is really unexpected, because youth are a vital part of our future. So if we are thinking of making digital Bangladesh without a proper youth development plan, then it will be just like a head without a body.

So, education and youth development are two most important sectors for the future of the country and the budget should be allocated accordingly.

Adrita Roy
Khan Bahadur Aowlad Hossain Khan College, Manikganj

IN THE budget for financial year of 2019-20, Bangladesh government allocates Tk 61,118 crore for education, where education ministry gets 37,077 and primary and mass education ministry gets Tk 24,041 crore. For the development of youth and sports, Tk 1489.19 crore is allocated this year which is Tk 30.10 crore less than the previous one. I personally think the Government should allocate more for education. And also the government should raise the allocation of money for the purpose of development of youth and sport.

Obviously our young generation can't get developed without proper education system and for that government needs to pay more attention. The government must pay full importance on making our young generation properly educated in such a way that will not just increase the number of educated jobless persons.

It should plan its budget in such a way so that our education system can make independent and self-employed young generation. So the part of the budget dedicated to the development of youth and sport is absolutely not enough in the respective perspective. We need to allocate more of our budget for youth and sport and also we need to raise the amount for our education because only an educated young population can make a country progressed and well-developed in this competitive world.

Probably we are lagging behind in terms of education because of not having sufficient budget for the education sector. We have so many potential in research but students and teachers are reluctant in research as we lack necessary equipment and funding for research. Still, most of the school and colleges are not properly equipped with technology and modern educational instruments. For that reason, most of the schools, colleges cannot assure quality education.

Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden and so many other countries spent approximately 12-16 per cent of their GDP in education sector whereas Bangladesh spends between 1.5- 2 per cent on education. If this low allocation continues, we will not be able to ensure quality education. Developed countries allot much on education as it is one of the sectors that determine a nation’s success.

This year's budget allocation in youth and sports development is Tk 30 crore less than previous year. As youths are the future leaders of this country and we are still under-developed in most of the sports, allocation should be increased in this sector.

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