Traffic signal system was ignored by police: Sirajul Islam

Published: 01:23, Jun 21,2019


Sirajul Islam

Dhaka South City Corporation chief town planner and also Clean Air and Sustainable Environment project director Md Sirajul Islam said that traffic signals at different intersections in the capital were set properly but police avoided them.

He however did not give any direct answer why the police did not use them for traffic management.

‘Police can give the right answer as to why they did not utilise the automated signals for the last 14 years,’ he said.

He also said that automated traffic signals were installed 14 years back at least at 100 intersections and those were programme-based units.

If police wished to operate them they could have done that because city corporations regularly repaired and maintained them, he added.

He hoped that traffic signals would become automated now as the police was assigned as the lone agency for installation and maintenance of these units as in the past, city corporation, Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority and Police jointly maintained the traffic signals.

He explained that the automated traffic signals were programme-base which could easily be redesigned according to a pre-set programme. However, at present light signals could easily be customised using remotes depending on the necessity of such action.

He said that the police already got approval for appointing 39 technical persons. However, he agreed that without automated traffic signal in place traffic jam in the city could not be reduced.

‘Recently, traffic signals at 58 intersections were improved by utilising the remote control system and after handing over the responsibility to the police, according to our recommendations,’ he said.

Half of the traffic signals were damaged due to different development works of the government including metro rail and U-loop project, said the town planner.

He also said that motorised and non-motorised vehicles on the same city roads also created a problem to get ultimate benefits of the automated traffic signal system.

He suggested banning non-motorised vehicles at major roads gradually as it was restricted at different VIP roads in the city.

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