Police must arrest convict at large on forged papers

Published: 00:15, Jun 04,2019


THE Magura police not yet being able to arrest a man, sentenced to imprisonment for life for murder, after he jumped bail given by the High Court Division on hearing the second appeal that he had filed by forging the verdict of the trial court is worrying. He was convicted on November 21, 1995 for the murder in 1994. He filed the second appeal for bail on February 10, 2019 by tampering with the trial court verdict showing that he had been convicted on November 21, 2018. The bench hearing the second appeal granted him ad interim bail on April 17, 2019 for six months. But on May 20, 2019, the bench which has the first appeal for bail pending cancelled the bail given by way of the second appeal to the convict after the lawyer of the first appeal informed the court that his client had already been remanded on bail by another bench, and was released, on the basis of his second appeal.

The bench of the first appeal directed the Magura police and the sadar police officer-in-charge to arrest the convict and his tadbirkarak of Magura sadar in two days and submit a compliance report to court at the next hearing on June 19. The court also asked the lawyer who filed the second appeal to explain in writing why he had submitted the forged copy of the trial court verdict to the bench for the second appeal. The Magura district jail superintendent on May 9 said that he was surprised to see the convict being remanded on bail after remaining in the jail only for two years since March 27, 2017. The cardinal fact is that the convict was remanded on bail and released after the verification of the bail and release orders after the second appeal with forged documents. He is, first of all, a convict in a murder case and he forged documents to obtain bail and now he is at large. It is, therefore, imperative for the law enforcers to arrest him in no time.

But the police have failed to arrest him till now because of their negligence in carrying out the court order while the court on May 20 cancelled the convict’s bail and directed the Magura police to arrest the convict in two days. It is now imperative for the Magura police to arrest the convict and others associated with him in the forgery as soon as possible in compliance with the High Court directive in order to uphold the dignity of law and the court.

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