Restaurants must offer cheap, healthy food: Shafikur Rahman

Rashad Ahamad | Published: 00:00, May 31,2019


Shafikur Rahman

For Shafikur Rahman, a businessman, sehri at a restaurant has always been enjoyable. As he shared his experience with New Age after taking his sehri with his family members at a restaurant in old Dhaka on Monday night, he seemed visibly pleased.
At the same time he expressed deep concerns over security on the city roads at midnight and complained about level of hygiene at the restaurants.
He said that without personal car none could go for sehri at restaurant with their families.
He said that he was in fear while driving the car at the dead of the night when city was in deep sleep.
He explained that every day he and other members of his family take sehri at home. Suddenly he took the decision to go out to enjoy a sehri outing,’ he said.
Shafikur Rahman, a resident of Kathalbagan, said he preferred old Dhaka restaurants where the taste of food was different. Though he had options to select a restaurant near his house, old Dhaka seemed more enticing.
Shafikur along with his wife Naima Parvin, sons Ayman Elham, Afnan Elham and only daughter Abia Elham enjoyed their sehri very much, said after eating some roast items, rice, etc.
Shafikur had few things to say about oily food, which, he thought, should be avoided, especially during fasting. His suggestion to the restaurant owners was that they should start offering different non-spicy foods, including bharta, bhaaji, vegetable and plain rice at sehri.
He further said that he had no complaint over the food price but he would take issue with the quality of the food and the overall environment of the restaurant.
‘None of my family members can use the washroom of the restaurant,’ he complained.
He also urged the restaurant owners to make extra effort in maintaining cleanliness because people want to take food in a healthy environment.
He shared his experience which he gathered while staying abroad, especially in China, where he found that 99 per cent of the people took food outside of their house, three times a day.
He said that they could go out on restaurants for bites three times a day because the food was cheap and healthy. However, we would not be able to emulate that, nor would we be able to afford such lifestyle.
He said that if the restaurant owners ensured healthy food and environment, many people would rush to restaurant to have sehri.

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