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Love, Death & Robots: a Netflix original

Farshid Rafiq | Published: 00:00, May 19,2019

Movie Review

The Netflix original production has invoked different kinds of thoughts, feelings and reactions among the audience because of its mind boggling story and play on the reality. Consisting of eighteen short episodes, depth of these stories may make you wonder ‘what if?’, and indulge you to think in a different perspective, writes Farshid Rafiq

NETFLIX is gradually redefining the movie world. During this process, the online streaming service has become one of the most popular media providers around the globe. According to CNN, currently the streaming platform has over 139 million subscribers globally.

Netflix subscribers are gradually increasing because of their unique Netflix original content and a collection of plethora of popular films and television series. Recently the first season of Love, Death & Robots got released on the streaming platform. Soon after its release, it has already garnered much attention from the ever so keen and enthusiastic subscribers.

This series consists of eighteen short episodes. The episodes are a mixture of many genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and best of all — comedy. The depth of these stories may make you wonder ‘what if?’, and indulge you to think in a different perspective. All these aspects and play with genres have dictated a major role in the success of this Netflix series.

Love, Death & Robots is produced by Joshua Donen, Jennifer Miller, Se7en Director David Fincher, and Deadpool director Tim Miller. Animation quality of some of the episodes is so realistic and the way it plays on conventional notions of reality that some of the viewers may become confused of their own reality.

The series kicks off with an episode titled ‘Sonnie’s Edge’. The world of underground beast fighting is introduced in a grand fashion. Sonnie, a spunky young beast rider steals the spotlight in the fighting pits. From the very first episode the level of animation and voice-acting sets the bar for the audience to look forward to.

Next episode is titled ‘Three Robots’ based on the premise of a dystopian future which is set after the imagined fall of human civilisation. The three different robots roam freely in a post-apocalyptic human city and try to figure out why and how the human race has fallen. Personally I very much liked their interesting conversations and the twist at the end really got my interest soaring.

Next one is of my favourite episode ‘The Witness’. If you are a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s Inception then this review is not going to spill any kind of spoilers but it insists that you should definitely watch it. This is one of those kinds of episodes that will surely trigger the sense of a lost reality among any audience.

From this point onwards every single episode is able to rile up sensation among the audience and their love for science fiction and fantasy. In the episode titled ‘Suits’, you will be introduced to farmers living their lives on an alien planet and sacrificing and surviving for each other.

‘Sucker of Souls’ is a tale of the vampire king rising from the depths of an ancient tomb. The episode reveals how too much curiosity and search for the truth might turn out to become a haunting menace for the one who is taking on the perilous and difficult journey.

‘When the Yogurt Took Over’, is an episode which tries to open your eyes to the world of politics in almost a satirical manner. The world as we know it perhaps only exists as a simulation set up by an intelligent life force which even the global political entity worships.

You never really know what goes on in the real world while you stay glued to your pricey gadgets and other consumerist behaviours. Are we really aware of what is going on amid all these distractions from our own reality?

Another brilliantly directed episode is ‘Beyond the Aquila Rift’. The 3D animation and lifelike characters on screen will surely amaze even the most demanding audiences. Terrifying truths shall be revealed to you the more you step into this world of the unknown.

This episode, like many other contemporary Netflix productions and TV series, has some adult content which might turn off some viewers, but then again this whole show was never really for them anyway. All I could say is if you watched and liked the movie Source Code then you might also like this one.

‘Good Hunting’, is a story of the son of a spirit hunter who befriends a shape shifter Huli Jing (fox spirit in Chinese mythology). This world is beautifully crafted with a mixture of the industrial revolution that took place in nineteen century Europe and a possible futuristic version of that time and incidents that triggered the future-defining economic and social transformation.

As you invest into the story, bits and parts of the characters are introduced and the revelation of the cruelty of that world brings forth the change and acceptance of one’s true nature. The Disney like style of animation will make many people like this episode as well.

‘Shape-Shifters’ is about two marine soldiers who serve in the USA military. During a mission in Afghanistan they face a threat from their own kind. Racism and pride is a core theme of this episode.

In ‘Helping Hand’ an astronaut’s journey into space turns out to be a time consuming one.  If you watched 127 Hours and Gravity then this episode will seem quite familiar.

Zima Blue is the name of a renowned artist. Zima started to look for the deeper meaning of our existence and reality through art; he even dared to venture out into the cosmos in search of the ultimate truth. He announces the unveiling of his final work and reveals his mysterious past.

Now let’s finally talk about ‘Alternate History’, I simply loved the concept of this one. It shows various scenarios of the death of Adolf Hitler in different time and in different possible ways. If you ever thought about something like this then you would love the simple and sheer brilliance of the episode.

Love, Death & Robots has invoked different kinds of thoughts, feelings and reactions among the audience because of its mind boggling story and play on the reality. Of course, it depends on how people may interpret each episode based on their own world view, previous experiences and knowledge.

The series shows off the limitations of robots and humans. This also deals with how robots think because we made them think, how far humans might go into space if they ever do, how humanity can fall, how people should think outside the box and how sacrifice and love for mankind can also be our ultimate strength as a species.

The lovers and audience of this series are really looking forward to further development of this series and others similar to this on Netflix. 

Farshid Rafiq is a student of Bangladesh Open Univerrsity.

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