The baby-food thief and development

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, May 19,2019


Recently, the theft of baby food from superstore in the capital by an unemployed father drew a lot of attention in the social media. Many read the incident as failure to the government’s much publicised development programmes that contributed to GDP growth, but failed to generate employment for youth and bridge income inequality. Students share their thoughts on the incident on the backdrop of government’s development narratives with New Age Youth  

Sarker Amzad Hossain
University of Dhaka

IN A country which calls itself the role model of development in the world, an unemployed father has stolen baby food for his child and is caught red-handed and this news is flooded with humanist touch over different national and social media.

Just a simple scroll over Facebook will tell the tale of a police officer with minute details how this officer and his 500 tk becomes the saviour of this ‘thief’ father. Along with this police officer’s victory song, the recruitment of that helpless father, in that very super shop where the theft has been taken place, leads the news heading. And we are, in fact, washed away with story of the cop and fatherly affection towards child.

But this simple incident carries much worth to get an in-depth attention; not just some sort of affection is enough. Instead, we need to think of the helplessness of the father in the political and economic context rather than just merely judge his affection towards his child.

We need to question the state and the authority why a father becomes helpless and why he is forced to seek such illegal way. To a helpless father, mega-development projects and rising to a middle-income country cannot be as equal as to ensure his child a healthy and secured life and hence so-called idiom of development becomes meaningless to him.

If the state fails to provide minimum assurance to its people to feed their child and majority of educated remains unemployed, then the collapse of this role model of development is a must.

Last but not the least we should not forget the police officer’s humanist attempt and the future business attained by the super shop by recruiting the father.

Md Nazmul Hassan
Comilla University

THE progress of a developing country is noticeable and commendable, but development does not just mean infrastructural improvement or rising wealth of some people of a society. Thus, development is the overall empowerment of a society and ensuring the basic needs of all the people.

Bangladesh has successfully taken a challenge to decrease poverty and now they are on the way of becoming a developing country. But unemployment is increasing day by day all over the country and lots of people with graduation can’t find a job.                                                                                              

Recently a father failed to manage his child's milk and go to a grocery shop to steal and the incident generated reactions. The common notion is to hate the term ‘steal’ but when it is meant for livelihood or a child's food it indicates the condition of our society, the state and the state’s failure.

Today a helpless father of our country steals milk for his child. How many people are involved in crime for the curse of unemployment? Maybe some people are solvent. But how many people in today's Bangladesh are living under unimaginable condition like this father? Who is responsible for this?

If our basic needs and rights are not mutually coordinated, then sustainable development is not possible. So, the recent incident is an alarm for us.

Soon, the unemployment epidemic will attack us and the means to make the proper arrangements, and to build a beautiful tomorrow, everyone will have to work together.

Mafizur Rahman
University of Dhaka

THERE is no disagreement that unemployment is among the most discussed and awful problems of our country. On the current incident, the failure to meet the necessities as he is jobless has led the father to steal. It actually proves that the discourse of ‘on the highway of development’ which we are being preached every day is not completely true.

This responsibility is not only of the government but also overall condition has questioned our traditional education system. We all know that the topic of expertise is directly related to formal education. So, what does it actually mean?

Does not it mean that the existing educational system cannot make a skilled generation to meet the market demand? The election manifesto of present government was to exceed the GDP growth to 10 per cent from 7.8 per cent in the next five years which would create jobs for 1.28 crore youths.

But if we review the last 10 years of the present government, we easily notice that employment is not increasing in the line with GDP growth. This is why a large number of educated unemployed groups are formed in our country.

Many of them have forced to engage into illegal path for meeting their needs. Humanity is bullied every day. This phenomenon shows that in this existing socio-economic condition, how helpless the jobless people are!

Shakil Yeakub
Comilla University

TO ME the incident of catching a father while stealing baby food is very much natural. The term economic development indicates the economical, socio-cultural and political development of any country but it does not provide the guarantee of employment.

Bangladesh is developing is infrastructure. But our government is not able to provide enough employment opportunity to our peoples. As a result manpower turns in to national burden. China, who utilises their manpower and becomes world’s leading country both politically and economically should be an example to our heavily populated county.

But the backdrop of our country is different. More than 4.5 crores of people are unemployment in Bangladesh and 40 per cent of them are graduates and post-graduates. Though unskilled employee, poor technical and practical knowledge, ineffective planning are some of the main reasons for this crisis but it is also true that jobs are too limited compare to our huge population.

If our government can create new employment opportunities then not only stealing food but also crimes like rape and murder will gradually reduce.

Finally, I would like to say, as a father what he did for his child was just his duty, nothing else.

Md Hasibur Rahman
Southeast University

UNFORTUNATELY, we are living in an era where money can buy happiness. Anyone is helpless in a natural disaster; but the artificial disaster in job market is shameful and dangerous.

Graduates are suffering from limited job opportunities and parents are distressed with inappropriate remuneration to lead a healthy family. Sources of expenses are rising like epidemic where level of earning is not enough to even sustain life.

It should be true that, stealing is illegal but a life is more important than that. And, a life of a child to the parent is most important than anything else.

It should be harshly criticised that price of mistakes seem less costly than the prices of commodities in current market. And, it should be said that the social system could not reach at that level where anyone can express their problems without hesitation.

Regardless of these, unemployment problem is not a recent issue. Application should be balanced with discussion to make greater solution.

A developing country like us should focus to ensure that goods are within the ability of people such as it gives attention to its industry to make more production. Undeniably, any single news is not just a separate incident.

Development of social welfare and economic affairs are essential and only then it will be rounded development for all.

Abul Khaer
Govt Saadat University College, Tangail

RECENTLY it goes viral on social media that a young father was caught during stealing baby food from a supermarket in Dhaka.

Reportedly, the young father stole the food for his child as he was unemployed for the last three months. Thanks to the police for playing an important role in resolving the issue by paying the price of the baby food.

Bearing the burden of unemployment, the tendency of involving in such heinous crime is now on the rise across the country. And such kinds of crimes are constantly portraying the dismal picture of how unemployment can make people do bad things.

In the case of this man, his illegal policy was probably the last option to provide food for his child. There are numerous people and fresh graduates who are still living through extreme hard across the country like this young man.

So our government and policymakers should find out some specific policy to address unemployment problem of these people in order to sustain the infrastructural development that they are advocating.

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