The hype of Avengers: Endgame

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, May 12,2019


Avengers: Endgame is the final piece to wrap up the saga that includes previous twenty-one movies. Bangladeshi youth have shown tremendous interest in the movie by standing in long queues for hours. Students have shared their thoughts about the hype this movie has created with New Age Youth

Md Nazmul Hassan
Comilla University

YOUTH obsession is one of the most important topics all over the world in contemporary time. It depends on different things and different mediums. Like virtual life, playing online game, watching a movie et cetera.

Recently released Avengers: Endgame has created a lot of hype and expectations among movie lovers in Bangladesh and all over the world. If we search the answer to why our young generation is curious and interested in this movie, we have to consider a number of factors.

First of all Avengers: Endgame is the final piece to wrap up the saga of story which has been created in previous twenty-one movies. So people are waiting eagerly for the last finishing touch.

Another thing is there’s so much packed into the three hours of Avengers: Endgame that it might seem overwhelming at times; this is clearly a film that will inspire reiterative viewing. There are unexpected twists and moments of hilarity, as well as more serious scenes and themes.

Above all, in three hour, this movie is a bittersweet example that the best heroes won't allow hubris or insecurity to defeat them. Endgame ranks up there with The Return of the King and Deathly Hallows — in the league of epic, emotional, and exceptional franchise finales.

As a result this movie makes a global hype.

Sumaiya Nawaz 
Southeast University

WELL, I am not a big fan of Marvel movies but I did enjoy some of their movies. I know, without following them accordingly, I won't be able to understand the storyline. But still I watch them. 
This year I've seen many people postponing their most important works to watch Endgame and that made me think what is up with these movies? We all saw the video how young fans ended up before the release of Endgame for tickets.

It was crazy. And then again, that's why they are called fans. I realised that if you are a true comic book geek, only then you can be this crazy about Marvel movies. It's all about the comics and its breathtaking stories about the characters which made its readers mad. I don't think the hype is getting any lower soon.

In July, New Spider Man movie will be released. Get ready to see another ticket buying warfare! 

Tahsin Reza
American International University-Bangladesh

BEING a huge marvel fan, I can say that when it comes to comic book movies, Marvel has aced them all. Over the last two decades, Marvel movies have been bossing around the box office records all over the world.

We have left DC universe well behind during the process. As we all know the franchise has taken over the world. It's crazy how the movies have met up our expectations every time. From Iron Man to Endgame, each and every movie has been terrific. So, how can we not love to watch these movies?

The obsession has increased among youths in recent years. Especially after Captain America the Winter Soldier came out. From that movie, the hype went to a whole different level. People would kill each other if they are given even slight spoilers before watching the movies. So, you can guess the hype and obsession we have for Marvel movies!

For the tremendous response I think everyone involved in the making process should deserve credit. Especially the director duo — The Russo Brothers. Also, all the other technicians worked behind the scene.

They actually made this possible with their perfect story telling. And not to mention the actors who played all those characters. They literally brighten up the characters on silver screen.

With the release of Avengers: Endgame, we now wait for phrase four to start our journey through Marvel cinematic universe.

Ishrak Ahmed Resham
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

IN THE late 2000s, Marvel movies were not up to the mark. Not only just Marvel, every comic book characters were not that much good on the big screens. Different production houses tried to make a good movie based on different comic book characters, but failed more or less.

Then, Marvel Studios came in to save the day! They had this amazing idea to bring all the characters under one roof and create a whole new cinematic universe. Everyone was skeptical about it that it wouldn't work, but didn't we love Robert Downey Jr starring in Iron Man? It was the first ever Marvel Movie and history was made with this film.

There is no doubt that Marvel movie franchise has surpassed other franchises like Harry Potter films or Lord of the rings movies. With the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has come to an end to its great cinematic experience. But the obsession remains the same among marvel fans.

Although, upcoming marvel movies will never be the same like the previous installments. Because of the actors who have played those characters for all these years. It's like the role was made only for them. For instance, Chirs Evans as Captain America. He'll always be our Captain America. And of course, no one can be Iron Man except for Robert Downey Jr.

Let's hope Marvel will maintain their record with upcoming movies too. But the way they are going, I don’t think they are going to fall out anytime soon.

Rubayat Habib Onin
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

MARVEL sends us a beautiful, heart-wrenching love letter entitled Avengers: Endgame. This letter is filled with joy and emotion of getting back together, tears of losing someone, the rage of vengeance and sacrifice to save everyone.

Russo Brothers have sent the final gifts to the Marvel fans all around the world concluding ten years of an epic journey with an unforgettable film. Last year Infinity War ended with a massive cliffhanger. Marvel fans around the world could not resist themselves to know what happened to those superheroes who became dust after Thanos’s snap.

Finally, on 26 April, the aftermath of Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame was released in Bangladesh too. I must admit that I’m lucky, blessed and alive to witness this movie on the first day of the show.

It is very hard to find movies these days which makes you nostalgic, emotional, laugh-out-loud like a toddler in the same film. There are some moments, which will stick to your memory forever. There are some moments, which will give you Goosebumps.

The final battle is literally insane and will drive you mad. This film is epic, magnificent and most of all, it is an unforgettable experience. This is not a film, it’s a magnum opus. I have to admit I have never seen the battles of Panipath or battle of Waterloo. But I have seen the battle of Avengers versus Thanos’ Army.

Trent Opaloch’s jaw-dropping cinematography and Alan Silvestri’s emotionally background score will make you to dive into the film. This one is worth watching.

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