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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Apr 28,2019


Globally, April 22 is observed worldwide as the International Earth Day. Young people acknowledged their responsibilities for protecting natural resources for the coming generations. With New Age Youth, they share their thoughts for a better world

Twasin Tasawar
North South University

EARTH Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet in its own glory. On this day various national and international bodies arrange activities to make us understand the biodiversity and how should we protect our nature. This day also advocates about the importance of living by utilising the natural resources rather than mindlessly plundering those for profit and personal gain.

The main objective of earth day is to increase awareness about different environmental issues and problems of the earth. People are exposed to strategies which they should adopt to ensure cleaner environments and a sustainable living. Various suggestions are brought to light about energy conservation, use of clean, green and renewable energy sources, save water and showing love, respect and tolerance to all animals inhabiting the earth.

We all want a world where there will be no pollutants in the air, where we will be able to live in a healthy environment. We want a clean earth, for us to live in and also for the generations to come after us.    

Pranta Roy Chowdhury
University of Dhaka

THE earth does not belong to the human rather the human kind belongs to the earth, as the saying goes. Till death from birth there is a strong interdependence between the people and the earth. But we sometimes forget that we have some responsibilities to maintain the sustainability of earth.

And we do harmful things to the earth conspicuously and subconsciously and sometimes even consciously. Instead of raising our awareness we are getting inclined to raise the depth of greenhouse effect and different other environmental threats. But we are not concerned about the aftermath of those issues.

It is high time we took effective steps to talk turkey. Let the earth become a live-able and loveable place for the imminent generation to lead a life with satisfaction.

It will not be improper to conclude by quoting the famous words of American novelist Mark Twain — 'We all should love the earth as much as we love ourselves and our belongings, actually we must!'

It is important to celebrate earth day, it is must to bear the significance of it abiding by the responsibilities regarding this day — every day!

Happy Earth Day! May this earth day reflect the ray of blossoming purity in the earth.

Partha Dutta
University of Dhaka

SINCE its introduction in 1970, earth day (rhyming word of birthday) becomes a worldwide phenomenon focused on promoting sustainable habitat for both human being and wildlife.

Earth Day takes place across the globe every year on April 22. This day creates a conscious reminder to increase the conversance among the masses. The main goal of celebrating this day is to remind the mankind for doing things that will auspicious for the earth.

This includes use of clean, green and renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuel, saving water and designing economic activities keeping the natural causes in mind.

I want to live in a world where we can say goodbye to all wars and poverty. We can make a difference by practicing sustainability through adapting to healthy habits.

Farzana Dristy
Southeast University

Earth day is now a widely celebrated event in the world. I think, from this event, the significance of our environment can be understood and the message of protecting the environment can be spread.

We live in Earth. And to sustain life, we need to take care of earth's natural resources. This needs to be kept in mind so that our next generation can live amid an environment which is suitable for raising their next generation.

We all know more or less about the natural resources and earth's biodiversity. But of course, we don't have full knowledge of it. For the sake of ourselves, we need to know what's causing harm to our environment so that we can work on it accordingly.

We need to create awareness among ourselves so that everyone can step forward in order to work on environmental issues. Earth day promotes various ideas to reduce pollution which I think is very important.

I hope and urge everyone to take every day equally important as the world earth day, because we need to protect our environment not just one day.

It needs to be protected every day!

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