Bangladeshi origin Australian woman murdered

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:04, Apr 23,2019 | Updated: 00:05, Apr 23,2019


Syeda Nirupama

A 49-year old Bangladeshi origin man in Australia’s Sydney has confessed to the police that he had killed his wife at their home in Sydney’s south-west on Sunday morning, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.
Altaf Hossain, 49, allegedly murdered Syeda Nirupama, 33, at their house in Minto, between 3.09am and 4:00am on Sunday, the report said.
Police said emergency services were called to the house after her body was found in the garage at 4:00am. Two children were found asleep in the house, unharmed.
Altaf Hossain has been charged with murdering his wife Syeda Nirupama, reported the daily.
Altaf was arrested and was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries to his hands, before he was charged with murder.
On Monday, he was refused bail at Parramatta Bail Court, where he appeared by audio-visual link with heavily bandaged hands, wearing handcuffs and a white tunic.
Altaf’s lawyer Zemarai Khatiz said his client, who has never spent time in custody, has strong community ties and needs to be on bail to care for the young children.
He said Altaf, who moved to Australia from Bangladesh in 2001 and is an Australian citizen, would claim self-defence in the case and was prepared to live under house arrest if granted bail.
Lawyer Khatiz said one of the first things his client did when police arrived was to gesture to his hands and say, ‘She did this one.’
Police prosecutor Leesa McEvoy described Altaf as a ‘huge flight risk’ and said he had made ‘full admissions to killing his wife.’
She said Altaf remarked, in the presence of the police and other people he invited to the house, ‘I killed her.’
‘That presumption [of innocence] is, to use the colloquial term, out the window,’ Senior Sergeant McEvoy said.
She said it might not be a good idea for Altaf to be put in charge of the children, given his alleged response to an argument with his wife.
In refusing bail, registrar Kevin Lamond said Altaf had not shown any cause why his detention was not justified.
Altaf will face court again at Campbelltown on April 30, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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