Nusrat murder: Negligence of police, admin found: NHRC

Staff Correspondent | Published: 18:04, Apr 16,2019 | Updated: 00:19, Apr 17,2019


The National Human Rights Commission in a report said that the local police and the administration as well as the madrassah governing body had neglected to protect Nusrat Jahan Rafi.
The NHRC in its probe report released Tuesday said that if the police, the administration and the governing body of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrassah acted responsibly after Nusrat was harassed by principal Siraj-ud-Doula this tragedy could be averted.
NHRC chairman Kazi Reazul Hoque released the report on Nusrat’s cold blooded murder at a press conference at his office at Karwanbazar in the capital.
The report says, it was evident that on March 27, Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrassah principal Siraj-ud-Doula sexually harassed Nusrat and on April 6, his accomplices set her on fire after dousing her with kerosene and on April 10 she died.
The report says, it was evident that such barbaric act could be avoided if the local police and the administration as well as the madrassah governing body took the needed steps at the appropriate time.
The video footage grabbed on March 27, immediately after she was sexually harassed, that went viral shows that police asked her different indecent questions and tried to present the matter lightly, says the report. It states that the then Sonagazi police station officer-in-charge showed sheer negligence to his duties and also violated the Digital Security Act 2018.
The NHRC recommended to the authorities to submit charge sheet in the cases of harassing Nusrat sexually and setting her on fire that caused her death, and holding speedy trial spending least possible time and recording the testimonies of the witnesses in shortest possible time.
The NHRC recommended taking legal action against the concerned officials in Feni district administration and Sonagazi police station for their lapses. It recommended taking legal action against serial sex offender Siraj’s cohorts and reconstitution of the governing body of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrassah and ensue security for Nusrat’s family members.
The NHRC probe committee comprising of its director Al-Mahmud Faijul Kabir and deputy director M Rabiul Islam also found out that there were complaints of sodomy against Siraj when he was the superintendent of Daulatpur Salamatia Madrassah in 1995.
The NHRC report says that though the girl students of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrassah and their parents complained to the upazila nirbahi officer, additional district magistrate, the madrassah governing body and the police that principal Siraj sexually harassed girl students no action was taken against the perverted sex offender Siraj.
Siraj never allowed girl students to enter in his office together but only one girl student at a time, the NHRC probes found out.
Siraj cultivated good relationship with local influential leaders of different organisations and the local administration, says the NHRC probe report.
The report says, Siraj’s former student Nuruddin was an accomplice in all his misdeeds while madrassah governing body member Maksud and madrssah office assistant Siraj were his close associates.
Two girl students who took Nusrat up to the door of principal Siraj’s office room following orders conveyed through a peon on March 27, told the NHRC probe committee that after Siraj groped Nusrat saying he would give question papers, she fell down and at this point the principal told peon Nurul Amin that Nusrat had fallen sick when Nusrat ran away from the principal’s room.
The report says that after her mother came to know about the incident she went to the principal’s office room and lashed him several times with a cane she found in his office.

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