Afroz displays embroidered quilts

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 17:18, Jan 10,2017

Gallery 21

An artwork by Jahan Afroz on display at Gallery 21.

USA-based Bangladeshi expatriate artist Jahan Afroz has created art on quilts for a solo exhibition that is now underway at Gallery 21 in Dhaka.

The show, Colours in Quilt, features 18 embroidered quilts made with needle and thread.

Stitched across the quilts are beautiful images of nature and the plant life, which Jahan Afroz created with a clever use of her imagination and by piecing together smaller clothes.

On some of the quilts, the artist has created intricate designs by stitching and turned the rather plain surface of the quilts into beautiful terrains.

However, what makes the quilts truly gorgeous is their colour composition. Afroz has created beautiful compositions with contrasting colours – white in black, green in red, violet in dark brown, etc. – by sewing pieces of cloth of those colours on the surface.                      

A skilled watercolourist, potter and jeweller, Jahan Afroz has been making quilts for quite some time. As her quilts would suggest, she is able to weave into them splashes of vibrant colours, colours that mimic those in nature, especially those of the flora.

She lives in Maryland, USA. She is a freelance artist with an MFA from the Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University.

The exhibition was inaugurated on January 6. The inauguration ceremony was attended by academic-writer Dr Fakrul Alam, human rights activist Sultana Kamal, noted artist Shahid Kabir, and professor Ahmed Reza of Jahangirnagar University.

It will remain open for the public until January 15.

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