Sayon Mangsang: tale of a Garo flautist

Tahmid Azad Sohan | Published: 00:00, Feb 03,2019


Sayon Mangsang

He has been harbouring an obsession with air-musical instruments since the childhood. However, Sayon Mangsang, a young Garo musician, had to overcome numerous hardship and obstacles to get recognition as a flautist. During an interview with Tahmid Azad Sohan, he shares his journey with New Age Youth

FROM a salesman, who could not even afford to buy a flute, to a promising new star, Sayon Mangsang is now sharing the stage with icons like Bappa Mazumder, Balam and Tahsan. Not only that, even this rising star had the privilege to perform and practice alongside the legend, Ayub Bachchu. The Garo flautist is already taking the media by storm.

Sayon’s youth had to undergo numerous hardships and sufferings to acquire the position where he is now. In his childhood, when a child used to have fascination over toys, he was obsessed with flute. During an interview with Sayon, he dazzled me with an interesting story which is about his taking flute in hand for the first time. It was his Shooting Da, a cowboy who used to play flute back in his native town Jalchatra, Tangail, who made a flute, with bamboo, for Sayon. Sayon thereafter started practicing with it and was gradually discovering that the essence of flute melody was in his genesis. The kid thereafter went on performing national anthem in his school’s parade in Mymensingh, being a student of grade five, and brought the championship home. Gradually, he started taking part in small programmes. He performed several instrumental pieces in his parish Baptist Church back in 2017. Moreover, his flute skills where further nurtured by his father’s colleague Present Chicham. Consequently, received accolades and appreciation and obtained a ray of hope of becoming a star.

However, his dream was dimmed at a point when he realised playing flute will not help him financially. In addition, dreamy Sayon had a very little interest in study. He quite often bunked school and spent time playing flute sitting over a lychee tree. The villagers, including his parents, used to recognise the melody and could identify his whereabouts. Those wonderful days came to an end when his father got retired with no other earning members in the family. Eventually the responsibility came upon on this youths’ shoulder.   

Quitting study for good, Sayon stepped in the capital in 2011 in search of a living. He commenced his living through salesmanship. But the salesmanship was not in his bloodline but flute was. Alongside his job, he used to play flute in different types of festivals of Garos such as Wangala festival and others. From there he acquired a huge appreciation from an immense crowd. He had a band of his own named Aiao, and later joined Madol, which inspired and assisted him in polishing up his skills even more. In a word, Sayon kept on mesmerising the crowd with his flute waves which sails the listener to a world of eternity.

Consequently, Sayon left salesmanship and joined a studio to furnish his flute skills further and earn a living in addition. But how mysterious a fate can be, he was abandoned from the studio within few months without any prior notice. Eventually, he was facing financial difficulties, accommodating difficulties. He used to take shelter in friends’ house and borrowed money from his mother with a promise to return it someday. Gradually, he was considering himself as a burden of his friends and surroundings. However, the fate had it mystery again. With a ray of hope, one of his uncles name Babul D Nokrek came up to assist this future star with lodging. Sayon greatly appreciate his contribution and is grateful towards him. With the helping hands by his side, Sayon Mangsang worked hard to make each and every penny worth. He turned days into nights and nights into days and raised himself to a zenith height today. In his words, ‘I’m very grateful towards my uncle and friends who helped me immensely when needed. I appreciate their contribution and having faith upon me. I hope to return the favour in a colossal way’.

Gradually, Sayon propelled himself into the musical world. Along with his band Madol, he used to perform in different states of the country and kept on enthralling the crowd and leaving a mark on their mind at where ever he goes. He started receiving calls on different types of programmes. Then he met a person who changed the entire dimension and his name was Koyal Chakma. Koyal Chakma brought Sayon in the musical stream and introduced him with the leading stars alive today. Sayon, being blessed and grateful, grabbed each of the opportunities that he had to offer. Then he came to meet Shuvo Das, a very well-known singer of Rangamati who further enlighten him regarding the musical world. In addition, he earned the privilege to perform alongside other top musical stars of the country. Consequently, Sayon started climbing the stairs of stars to reach the apex.

Another fascinating instance of his tale, by far the most significant one according to him, is his meeting with Pinto Ghosh, former singer-violinist of the popular band Chirkutt. Pintu Ghosh is his guru (master) now who guides him to pave the way of acquiring success in this musical world. Sayon stated, ‘one day when I was in a bus, travelling my way back to home, Pinto Da called and asked me to jam with him. I left the bus right away and attended him. In the very next day I performed in a concert alongside him’. Sayon informed that he still is in touch with Pinto Ghosh and perform and practice alongside him and tries to learn different aspects of music.

Sayon Mangsang in his youth age acquired plethora of accolades and privileges. He indeed succeeded in mesmerising the stars and intoxicates them with his melody of flute and saxophone. In additon, he performed flute and saxophone in different movies such as — unoponchas batash and fagun hawa which is to be released on this coming February. He further shared the stage with Maqsood from O’ dHAKA and Shunno, a well-known rock Band. Moreover, has performed alongside stars like Balam, Tahsan and Pianist Romel Ali.

The promising new star is already taking the media by storm and most likely will go on conquering even more. On asking about his future plans, Sayon Mangsang stated that he wants to add a new dimension, a western touch, to the wind instrumental music. Moreover, he wants to excel in all of the wind instruments that exist in this world. Furthermore, wants to constitute a studio and compose songs. On asking about his idol, he states, ‘I appreciate Manose Singh performs. I try to follow him quite often’.

Sayon Mangsang, in a word, had undergone lots hardships and obstacles which made him even stronger. The way he is collaborating with the musical world and building his fame will certainly take him to the zenith height with this level of maturity, dedication, hard work, philosophy and passion. He is a promising gem of Bangladesh and it is all uphill from now on.

Tahmid Azad Sohan is a student of University of Dhaka.


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