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New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jan 20,2019


Besides regular academic curriculum, there are a range of extra-curricular activities in different educational institutes that help to develop a youth’s cognitive, personal and social skills. In this regard, youths have shared their personal understanding and experience with extra-curricular activities with New Age Youth 

Md Ashikur Rahman
University of Dhaka

EXTRA-CURRICULAR means out of the regular curriculum. It means extra activities that fall outside of the regular academic curriculum. Basically it includes a lot of activities like organising events, involving in different clubs, doing voluntary social activities, involving in sports or cultural programmes. I am currently involved with various organisations at my university. I am holding the designation of senior executive in Knack Nation, a skill development club run by the students of finance department. With this club, I have organised workshops, seminars, competitions. I am currently working as a campus ambassador for Channel Agami, Ahoban Foundation and OSO (Organisation for Social Orientation). I have also done a four-days training under British Council and currently working as an Active Citizen Youth Leader. Apart from that I am working as a volunteer for various non-profit organisations. My Institution, University of Dhaka facilitates students with diversified extra-curricular activities such as cultural events, sports events, business competitions, model united nation, research work and so on. A student can reach highest level of excellence with the combination of both academic and extra-curricular activities.

Adrita Roy
Khan Bahadur Aowlad Hossain College, Manikganj

I THINK extra-curricular activities are really important for overall development of a young person. Only educational activities are not enough for a robust progress. Being educated through books and good academic results doesn't make someone properly educated in these modern days. I have taken parts in extra-curricular activities in my school life and now I am involved in them in my college life also by participating in music competitions, singing, debating, rhyming, painting and so on. I mostly love to take part in reading and writing competitions. Yes, there are people around us who think that taking part in extra-curricular activities is a waste of time during academic life. This is not at all true. My institution offers so many facilities that inspire every student to take part in extra-curricular activities. I just hope that every student and parent will understand the necessities of being involved in extra-curricular activities alongside academic curriculum because only studying will not be enough to offer a healthy and sound life in the future.

Humaira Sadia Neha
Rajshahi Education Board Government Model School & College

EXTRACURRICULAR activity is an integral part of our life which demonstrates talent and contributes value to others. This kind of practices can help anyone to express and develop their intellectuality, interests and at the same time teach many practical skills such as social interactions, time management, cooperation, tolerance, personality improvement et cetera.

As a student I used to take part in several activities in my school life. It's a matter of pleasure for me that I hosted a cultural program and also took part in various debating competitions. Besides, I worked as a voluntary leader of a drawing competition organised by United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.

Again, for the first time, there is a really interesting as well as a unique event going to be held on the occasion of annual cultural ceremony in our college premises and it's —Letter Writing Festival. I am feeling delighted that I'm also a part of this program.

Apart from that, I love to write and some of my writings are published in books and I'm grateful enough to work with a publication organisation ‘Hridi Prokash’.

Most notably, I want to mention that extracurricular activities may not provide us money, but the happiness and self-contentment we can derive from it are beyond description. These activities give us the scope of doing something that we are passionate about.

To sum up, it wouldn't be wrong to say that by taking part in extracurricular activities, we can contribute to serving our community and the obvious fruition lies in it.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi (Bappi Mea)
University of Dhaka

GENERALLY, there are three types of student centric activities in our educational institutions such as — curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular. Among them, extra-curricular activities can be defined as such tasks that directly have no relation to curricular or academic activities. In my university, there are arrangements for such activities including different cultural clubs, social and students welfare clubs, scouting, BNCC, model UN, model OIC, research, science, environment, tourism, film, photography,  journalism, literature, district organisations, hall and department centric clubs, political organisations et cetera and number of events around the year.

Freshers can find out their area of interest and easily join these activities to build up leadership skills, nourish knowledge and gain different soft skills that ultimately will help them to make substantial differences and steps ahead from others who don't usually take part in such activities.

I have participated and still belong to some of these activities such as scouting, social welfare and student welfare clubs.


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