Youth Poetry

The bluff of life

K S R Saeed | Published: 00:00, Jan 20,2019

youth poetry

We are living in a time where 
we have no choice !
We try to get rid of someone. 
The society, the state is busy 
making dust in the eyes. 

All these methods can only 
lead to success in life, 
but it is a different ideas lives are different, 
their teachings are different, 
so the attempt to build everyone 
on the same path or 
nearby is a ridiculous decision. 

What is meant to be the development 
of life is only for the project's sake. 
It is an attempt to give a
cool touch to the despair, 
in which we do not see any major impact. 

We do not want to live in frustration, 
and if we think of a cold air in the same way, 
it is not appropriate to live in the house 
or to feel like living in the house. 

As an unconscious citizen living in your life, 
you can say that things are going 
to change but you are really sure that
I stand in a ditch of really bad times. 

The key to your co-operation 
at this time is the burden of our labor, 
intellectual and time demands, 
these can be the way to liberation.

All these incite bourgeoisie class,
Let's play with small fish like us. 
Such a time, we are in the pit of reality!

K S R Saeed is a poet and filmmaker.


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