Expectations from the new government

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Jan 13,2019


After the 11th national election, Bangladesh Awami League has retained the office for the third consecutive time. Young people have shared their expectations from the government with New Age Youth.

Md Tarek Aziz Bappi
University of Dhaka

ACTUALLY, I think it is merely up to the newly formed government whether any substantial change in our governance, administration, politics, education and economy will be initiated or trend of the recently ended tenure will continue. As a monopolistic cabinet and one party dominated  parliament have already been formed through  a controversial election, now it completely depends on the willingness of this government what they will do — whether they take this as opportunity to rectify the past tenure's blunders or not. Though a ray of hope has been risen among the people about the newly formed cabinet where a number of new faces are present but something making us concerned, an advisor to the prime minister, sees the label of 'autocratic' (given by international rights groups and media) as a symbol of honour. Overall, it is tough to be sky touching hopeful about this government as its pedestal is not highly consolidated by public consent but still they can take it as another chance to reinstate democracy and good governance. Otherwise, I think it will be impossible to keep the people within an autocratic frame for long and should the government choose to do so, people will revolt against all odds.

Mafizur Rahman
University of Dhaka

AS A citizen of a developing country like Bangladesh, we the general people want to improve our lifestyle. To ensure a balanced development and proper financial security, Bangladesh needs to boost its economic condition by properly using its wealth as well as intellectual property. During last ten years, government under Sheikh Hasina has made a radical change in infrastructure, IT, transport, electricity, economic zones, and agriculture sectors and so on. The government is conducting several mega projects such as Ruppur power plant, Padma bridge, Dhaka metro railway, Matarbari power plant, Rampal power plant, constructing LNG terminal, developing Payra seaport, creating economic zones which are under construction however highly needed to strengthen our national economic condition. By taking oath for the third-consecutive term, Bangladesh Awami League has got a chance to finish its promised mega projects. Besides, to create employment for around 1 core and 11 lacks people, increase per capita and GDP, ensure 100 per cent electric facility for all by 2020, establish bullet train from Dhaka to Chittagong, extend modern facilities to rural people are some pragmatic and most desired things for general people. As the government has committed to reduce corruption in government level, therefore if it will be possible, I think some better and desired change is waiting for us in near future.

Adrita Roy
Khan Bahadur Aowlad Hossain College

AT LAST, the long anticipated election is over and AL has once again, won. Of course we all expect so much progress from the new government. Groups of people living in constant fear of what will happen to them if AL doesn’t regain power again is at ease, for now. Somehow they believe that the new government will try to give justice to everyone equally. Also, everyone is expecting to see justice for the gang-rape of a woman at Subarnachor during the election because of voting for her preferred party. The thing is — each and every one of us is somehow afraid to point out the ongoing wrongs. Even I don’t want to say anything about political matters anymore. Everyone is afraid to speak out his/her mind out. But this wasn’t supposed to happen in an independent country. So I hope the new government can work hard to regain the faith of the people of Bangladesh again and let us gain the power of speaking out our opinions without fear of anything. The people of Bangladesh expect a lot from the daughter of the first president of our nation and we hope she and her government can live up to our expectations of seeing a progressed Bangladesh.


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