New Year resolution for 2019

New Age Youth | Published: 00:00, Dec 30,2018


Young people have shared their plans and hopes for the year 2019 with New Age Youth.

Md Ashikur Rahman 
University of Dhaka

NEW year is always packed with possibilities, including a fresh, new start. It brings new hope, dream and potentiality. In the upcoming year, first and foremost, I have to wake up early everyday because I'm becoming very lazy because of this irregular sleep timing of mine. I will complete some of my social projects along with my friends to establish a peaceful, dirt free community. I also have a plan for the street children to fulfill their basic needs. Our country is blessed with intrinsic elegance. Hopefully, I will explore the scenic beauty of different places. I'd really like to start implementing more, creating more, experience and do more rather than continue to always wonder, ponder, think and analyse.

Ayesha Irfan
South Herald English School & College

MY 2018 passed with extreme emotions, horrible incidents, and beautiful memories, and all of these made me realise how blessed I actually am. So in 2019, I want to focus more on my writing and being less miserable and dependent. I want my resolution to be more willing to give to my friends and my loved ones. I want to make the best out of the next year. 
I know, I have not really made the right decisions, even ignored few situations but it is high time I take responsibilities and grow as a person, to be less dramatic, and more sensitive to certain issues that I learned this year. I want to get more inspired and more involved with people in the writing and arts community. I am hoping to work on my mental health too. I would make up a daily health routine, maybe, go on an adventure, more or less, I would relax myself a little. 
Mostly, I would not let anyone demean me or my thoughts and I would take a stand every time I see wrong. I would reach to people to talk about mental health issues or anything and everything they want to talk about. I would be a better friend. I would be a better daughter. That's my new year resolution.

Ripu Sen
International Islamic University Chittagong

NEW year means new hope, heading to a new horizon. Last year was full of mixed feelings resulting from family affairs to academic activities. Hope that this new year will be blissful. Since long, I along with some of my friends was thinking of opening a school for the distressed children living in slum or who live below the poverty line and cannot afford even two meals a day. Though it’s a hard initiative but I am hopeful of my success.
I like exploring new places, culture, lifestyles and so on. Hopefully, in the new year, I shall visit some new places of our country to satisfy my thirst.

British poet T.S .Eliot says, ‘For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice’. So, I shall start afresh forgetting the turmoil of my last year.

Muhammad Sadman
BRAC University        

WE ARE marking towards the end of 2018. Like everyone, I am also looking forward to the new year with my resolutions. My new year resolution includes, studying harder to achieve good grades. This year I want to invest my time to improve my skills. Then, I will be reading more books in order to widen my knowledge. After that, I am looking forward to meet with new people in the upcoming year. And, most importantly I want to be more organised than before. In the end, I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. I pray and hope that, this new year brings prosperity, happiness and success in everyone's life 

Mehzabeen Rahman
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

BASICALLY a New Year's resolution is made when one wants to correct the mistakes they have made in the past years or do something in a more organised manner. My 2018 has passed with hectic study schedules, disappointments and happy moments too.

As for this new year's resolution I have made them before too, but just like anybody else I too break the promises. But this time I'm going to try to stick to my resolutions and make sure I can bring good changes within me, even a little bit. My very first resolution would be to become more organised, to be more systematic and to procrastinate less. I would like to change my sleeping and eating habits too to lead a healthier life. Secondly I would like to be a good reader as reading is a good habit and I hardly had the time to read this year. I would also like to improve myself with the excess time spent on the internet and cell phone. Lastly I want my resolution to be more willing to give more to my loved ones and take more responsibilities and grow as a person. That's all for my new year resolution.



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