Leaflets at Hathazari madrassah against Shafi, son

Staff Correspondent | Published: 18:04, Oct 16,2018 | Updated: 19:10, Oct 16,2018


The leaflet spread at Hathazari madrassah in Chittagong on Tuesday.-- New Age photo

Unidentified people spread hundreds of leaflets at Al Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Muinul Islam, better known as Hathazari madrassah, in Chattogram against Hefajat-e-Islam chief Ahmad Shafi and his son.

The leaflets were spread through ventilation holes at the mosque of the madrassah during fazr prayers on Tuesday. They were also reached to rooms of hostels and left spread on staircases at the time.

The leaflets read, ‘O truth seekers, why those who were treated earlier as atheists, murtad and enemies of Islam are now being treated as friends? Why supplications are being offered for them on every occasion? Why those who realised personal interests and money in exchange of blood of hundreds of Mumin are now seated at the leadership of Islam?’

‘Now is the time to unmask those who are eager to eliminate Islam collaborating with “Taguti” forces, seating unqualified people at places of qualified people, breaching the trust of knowledge seeker students, confiscating passport of an oppressed old man, and misusing own elderly father,’ the leaflet added.   

‘O soldiers of Ummah, Is not it the time to resist them and remove them from their positions? How long will you tolerate? Rise… Resist… And save the religion of Allah,’ it concluded.

Nurul Islam Coxbazari, a teacher of the madrassah, said the leaflets were spread during fazr prayers.

He said after magrib prayers on Monday, a meeting with all students of the Islamic seminary was held in presence of the madrassah supremo Ahmad Shafi. In the meeting the students were explained the latest situation regarding the state and the qoumi madrassahs and why the students should support it, he said.

Tension is brewing at the madrassah after Hefajat-e-Islam chief Ahmad Shafi tilted towards ruling Awami League after it recognised the degrees of qoumi madrassahs. In internal affairs of the madrassah, Shafi’s son Anas Madani has taken the control.

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