Kazi Hayat busy with 50th film

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 17:34, Oct 09,2018


Kazi Hayat

Nine-times national film award winner Kazi Hayat is now busy writing screenplay of his upcoming 50th film Bir.  

Like his previous films, Bir will address different contemporary social issues featuring the Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan, popular villain Misha Sawdagar and others in different characters, Kazi Hayat told New Age.

‘I have got confirmation from Shakib and Misha. So, it will be my first film with Shakib. I have not yet selected any actress in lead role. Hopefully, I will rope in an Indian actress in the film’, the director said.

The film Bir will revolve around the character of Antu, who gets popularity as Bir for his bold stance against injustice, said Hayat adding that the character would be played by Shakib Khan.

Shooting of the film will begin next month, he informed.

Ahead of directing the upcoming 50th film, Hayat also shared his journey in the film industry, his hopes and disappointments.

Kazi Hayat was an assistant to director Mamtaj Ali in 1974. Later, he assisted the late eminent filmmaker Alamgir Kabir until he emerged as a director in 1979 through The Father.

Since then, Hayat has directed many fan-favourite films like Danga (1991), Traash (1992), Chandabaj (1993), Sipahi (1994), Deshpremik (1994), Luttaraj (1997), Teji (1998), Ammajan (1999), Itihash (2002), Kabuliwala (2006), Chhinamul (2016) and others.

‘I have been working in the industry for over four decades and have seen many ups and downs’, Hayat said.

‘From the very beginning, I have tried to give social awareness messages in my films. Moreover, my films glorify patriotism and one’s responsibility to the society, added Hayat.

The seasoned maker, however, expresses his disappointment over divisions and conflicts among the artistes and directors in the industry for personal causes.

 ‘Whenever I hear of any division or conflict inside the industry, I feel very bad. Our industry is struggling in many ways. We need to work together to make it vibrant and to present quality films to our viewers. We should not forget that what we are today are because of the film industry’, Hayat said.

Kazi Hayat won nine national film awards in different categories, including best director, best screenplay, best story and best dialogue.

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