Song Review

Ostitter Obokash: a staggered placenta of existential anxiety

Md Taqi Yasir | Published: 00:00, Sep 16,2018 | Updated: 16:14, Sep 15,2018

Song Review

Members of Liquid State Drive . - Photo by Sumaya Khan Tahiti

Being an underground band, Liquid State Drive, predominantly known as LSD has kicked started as one of the prominent emerging bands of Bangladesh. The song Ostitter Obokash, recorded in Studio Basement, is a prerogative to their music appetite of an upbeat and psychedelic thrash metal genre. The five minutes long track is a treat to regular metal lovers and for its subtle transitions during progression. The exuberant lyric is a monologue that plays around a vengeful supernatural desire of procrastination and of apparition where the subsistence of humanity is distasteful. The innate or philosophical connotation of the lyrics is purely a mixture of Albert Camus and Hobbesian nightmare, where every individual in this postmodern progressive world are indulged in war with each other; they live to avoid death. This song gives you a relish of renaissance-revival, a contemporary desire of post-truism and a blatant apostrophe of inanimate and materialist existentialism. 

The sound of the 21st century is elevated through the track. The pleasant harmonic scales meet the riffs in the perfect transition of beat and bass. The song has a devilish overtone that seduces the metal standards. Even in offbeat situations, the pleasant harmonic scales tear apart. The penultimate lyrical stanza marks the Volta, the resolve to all the mystical meddling of the delusional shift of paradigm.

The aesthetic value of the song would be carelessly undermined if you aren’t well acquainted with the very genre. The song Ostitter Obokash has to offer many pleasant tuning and a benchmark for what Bangladeshi underground bands has to offer us.  The scenario of our underground bands aren’t that much living up to the expectation for the lack of funding, sponsorships and other distorted views towards the music they produce. A congenial environment is a crying necessity for the underground bands of different dissimilar genres to nurture their musical dis-taste and to rejuvenate their platform of creativity.  

Md Taqi Yasir is a student of Jahangirnagar University.

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