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Up & Up

Jabir Misbah | Published: 00:00, Sep 09,2018

Song Review

Let your imaginations fly. Or let them swim in the sky, or make them soar across the whole world. That is what Coldplay’s third single, ‘Up & Up’ taken from the album ‘A head full of dreams’ is about. The famous British Rock band never fails to satisfy its crowd with its music, but this time it’s more about the music video than it is about the song. The music video is an exhilarating experience with high end visuals, which looks like it’s been taken straight out of our childhood imaginations. The scenes include wild moments such as driving a train in the middle of the galaxy, racing in the rings of Saturn, swaying in a swing and looking at the world from above. The music video is alluring enough to make you watch it over and over again, just to enjoy the thought behind it. The band itself described the video to be ‘a surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues.’

Lyrically, the song motivates and inspires the viewer to keep going on, to not stop trying, because hope is what has led us on and will also carry us forward. It tells us to soar like a bird, because it’s in our blood. ‘We’re going to get it, get it together, and go up and up and up’, sung by Chris Martin with Beyonce in the choir makes the listener think of the past and reiterate the future.

Produced by Rik Simpson and directed by Heyman and Muggia, this song has been acclaimed as a visual delight by people of all ages. The song feels like it’s a transition between the last century to this one, moving at a pace that is timeless, being relatable to people old and young. The retro shots mesh in seamlessly with a giant Chris Martin looming over the clouds with his guitar. Coldplay uses these scenes and designs to describe how they view the world. The video takes you over a metropolitan, with huge flowers worn as ornaments by the skyscrapers, to show you how urbanisation has limited the growth of nature. They talk of the scientific leaps that we have made in recent times, with scenes of moon landing and high speed transports. They also expressed the history and cruelty of human wars, with scenes like tiny army helicopters flying over a field of giant, beautiful flowers.  My personal favourite part of the video is of a black man leaping over a mountain, surrounded by white people, which signified the victory of blacks to earn their rights.

The song is in no way a shame to its visual counterpart, but if you’re looking for a composition to listen and carry with you all the time, then maybe ‘Up & Up’ will not be your first choice, but if you want to let your thoughts run wild, then the musical video is a must watch.

Jabir Misbah is a story-teller and knowledge enthusiast.

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