Govt allays public fear about possible flood in Brahmaputra basin

Staff Correspondent | Published: 00:27, Sep 08,2018 | Updated: 00:46, Sep 08,2018


Government organisations responsible for making flood and disaster forecasts have rejected any possibility of excessive water release by China causing flood in Bangladesh.
Speculation about flooding of Bramaputra basin grew after the news that Assam and Arunachal Pradesh were put out an alert following heavy thunderstorm in the upstream in Tibet that forced authorities in China to release a huge amount of water into Brahmaputra.
On September 5 it turned into a well-founded fear after the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi wrote to the ministries of foreign affairs and water resources about the possibility of flooding of Brahmaputra due to the release of excessive water by
‘It won’t have an impact on Bangladesh,’ Joint Rivers Commission member Md Mofazzal Hossain told New Age on Friday.
His comment came following the meeting in which water resources ministry discussed the matter with different government stakeholders on
‘The meeting was convinced that water released by China won’t result in a flood in Bangladesh,’ said Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre executive director Arifuzzaman Bhuiyan.
Arif said the path the water would take to travel to Bangladesh is dotted with rivers wide enough to retain it.
‘We are keeping a close watch on water levels in the upstream so that we can issue an alert five to six days in advance of a potential flooding incident in Bangladesh,’ said Arif.
He said that enough time has already passed since release of water by China to cause a flood in Bangladesh.
Indian newspapers reported that the water released by China was measured at 9,020 cubic metres per second on August 29, up from 8,020 cubic metres per second discharged on August 14.
China had warned India about the excessive release of water beforehand as water levels reached highest in 50 years in the
The FFWC medium range forecast for ten days predicted that water levels at certain places along the Brahmaputra river in central Bangladesh may rise above danger levels after September 10 due to monsoon activities.
Bangladesh Meteorology Office said on Friday that monsoon was fairly active over Bangladesh and strong over North Bay.
Forecasters also issued signal number 3 for maritime ports of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Mongla and Payra due to a depression.
Fishing boats and trawlers have also been advised to stay close to the coast until the situation
Indian Met Office predicted heavy to very heavy rains in the upstream until September 11.

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